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CCM Music, University of Cincinnati

Faculty and Staff

Division Heads, Department Chairs and Administrative Offices

Jonathan Kregor, Division Head 556-9549 MEH 4225E
Darlene Miller,  Administrative Secretary II 556-6046 MEH 4225F
Graduate Student Assoc/ Music Research Forum 556-9564 MEH 5218
Ensembles & Conducting Division 556-2696    
Kevin Michael Holzman, Interim Division Head  556-9424 CC 2530
Rose Hensley, Administrative Coordinator   556-2696 CC 1450
Wind Studies GA Office   556-2160 CC 2530
Wind Library   556-2555 CC 2372
Orchestral Library   556-9414 CC 1360
Orchestral GA Office   556-3521 CC 2580
Choral Library   556-9416 DVAC 109
Choral GA Office   556-3144 DVAC 111
UC Men's and Women's Choruses Office   556-9415 DVAC 105
UC Bands   556-2263 LAU 13
Scott Belck, Director, Jazz Studies/Commercial Music Production
556-9447 CC 1440
Mark Gibson, Director, Orchestral Studies   556-9420 CC 2550
Kevin Michael Holzman, Director, Wind Studies   556-9424 CC 2530
Earl Rivers, Director, Choral Studies 556-9419 DVAC 115
Keyboard Division 556-6017    
Michelle Conda, Division Head   556-9525 MEH 5221
Suzanne Wright, Executive Staff Assistant 556-6017 MEH 5243
Michael Chertock, Piano Department Chair   556-9531 MEM 446
Michelle Conda, Secondary Piano and Piano Pedagogy   556-9525 MEH 5221
Kenneth Griffiths, Director of Accompanying Activities 
556-9514 DVAC 211
Music Education Division 556-6017    
Ann Porter, Division Head  556-9527 MEH 5245
Suzanne Wright, Executive Staff Assistant 
556-6017 MEH 5243
Performance Studies Division 556-3442    
James Bunte, Division Head 556-3442 DVAC 329
Claudia Penn, Administrative Secretary II 556-3442 DVAC 331
Karen Lykes, Voice Department Chair 556-9516 DVAC 209
Russell Burge, Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion Department Chair 556-9423 MEM 180
Won-Bin Yim, String Department Chair 
556-5254 MEM 246
Clare Callahan, Classical Guitar Program Coordinator   556-9542 MEM 271
Jim Culley, Percussion Program Coordinator   556-9417 CC 1371

Full CCM Directory

Alexander, Matthew CurtisInstructor -
Allen, Kenneth DaleTechnical Production Manager, Adjunct Instructor of Electronic
Anderson, Timothy Associate Professor of
Ankrum, Quinn PatrickAssistant Professor of
Ashmore, Chad Adjunct Instructor of Electronic Media
Aufmann, Ronald G.Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clarinet; CCM Prep Master Teacher,