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Graduate Piano Proficiency

For those majors expecting proof of piano proficiency, an examination is issued by your area of study.  See your advisor for the administration of this proficiency.


MM theory:  See your advisor

MM Music history:  See your advisor

MM composition:  See your advisor

MM Music Education:  See your advisor

MM/DMA voice:  See your advisor

MM/DMA instrumental:  NO piano requirement

MM/DMA conducting:  See your advisor

DMA composition:  NO proficiency required

Ph.D theory:  NO proficiency required

Ph.D musicology: NO proficiency required



Course requirements

If you are required by your advisor to take piano courses to become proficient, sign up for:

MM/DMA voice:  16PIAN8020

MM composition, theory, musicology:  16PIAN8022

MM/DMA conducting:  16PIAN8040 (if not available, 8022)

MM music education:  16PIAN8024