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Soundtree Soundtree is a corporation which specializes in supplying technology to academic environments, from software to technology lab design and installation.

ATMI (Association for Technology in Music Instruction ATMI serves as a forum for the scholarly presentation of technical information by and for specialists in the field of computer-assisted instruction (CAI) in music. In addition, another of ATMI's goals is to deliver such information to an audience of non-specialists who are users of music CAI.

Music Technology Learning Center This site gives updates on the use of music and computers. It is geared mainly toward electronic technology.

MuSICA The Music and Science Information Computer Archive

Pathways Through Music Pathways Through Music is a digital media, self-guided study course. The software-based guitar lessons are designed to be flexible and to dynamically meet the student's needs. The site contains information on the beginner course contents as well as finding a guitar. Other features include a guided tour and free software.

Technology in Music Education (TIME) TIME is a collection of information about music instructional software. Software products including computer programs, hypertext stacks, CD-ROMs, videotapes, videodiscs and music classroom systems are eligible for listing in TIME. TIME includes publishers' descriptions and independent reviews of all types of music instructional software as well as availability information.