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CCM Music, University of Cincinnati
2017 CCM Trumpet Quartet

2016-2017 CCM Trumpet Quartet: Nairam Simoes, Amy Schaaf, Stephen M. Wadsack, Jenna Veverka.

Trumpet Studio

Welcome to the CCM Trumpet Studio Web Page! 

Here you will find the latest information about the trumpet studio at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. The CCM trumpet studio strives to provide students with the training and expertise needed for a successful career. Recent graduates from the trumpet studio are active in every facet of the music business, including major symphony orchestras, military bands, chamber music, and collegiate and public school teaching positions.

Questions about the studio, the teaching philosophies, or the audition process? Contact our professors!

Trumpet Faculty

Collins, Philip R.Adjunct Assistant Professor of
Mergen, Michael Associate Professor of
Siebert, Alan H.Professor of

2017-2018 CCM Trumpet Studio. Photo by Blake Woolsey.

2017 - 2018 CCM Trumpet Studio