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CCM: Prep

CCM: Prep
CCM Prep and Community Engagement


Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

We have announced changes to our programming in response to evolving Federal, State and University-established guidelines.

Read the March 13, 2020, announcement.


CCM Preparatory offers a wide variety of programs in Music, Dance and Theatre Arts for both the arts enthusiast and the talented, pre-professional student, including classes for adults and young children.  CCM Preparatory's summer programs reach both local students and students from all over the country.

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Flexibility in Goals, Offerings

CCM Preparatory and Community Engagement offers a relaxed, welcoming environment where students of all ages may explore their artistic interests. Beginners of all ages are welcome in all areas of our school. Typically our older students do not plan to make the arts their livelihood and may therefore have expectations that differ from the more advanced or serious student; but older students still receive the same high standard of professional commitment that our faculty gives to younger students.

Opportunities include lessons, classes and summer programs in music, dance and theatre arts for both adults and children. Students wishing to take private lessons may have the option of Suzuki (string or piano) or traditional teaching. There are no audition requirements for acceptance, only for placement in some classes. Students are encouraged to perform in recitals, showcases and in the achievement festival. Opportunities are available both on campus and in other convenient locations that save time and offer easier access.

Pre-College Division

The Pre-College Division of CCM Preparatory is designed for the student who is passionate about the arts and aspires toward a career in the arts.  Most students in this division are high school, but talented younger students may also participate in this division.  Many of the programs in this division require auditions along with specific skills, often nurtured first as arts enthusiasts. 

In music, students may choose to take a lesson, chamber music, theory, and participate in the national music certification program.  They may choose to audition for one of our ensembles.  Talented string players may audition for the Starling Program. Students also should consider the CCM Prep Honors Program.

Ballet students take classes several days a week and perform in the Youth Ballet Company.  Theatre Arts students may wish to audition for the Musical Theatre Intensive Program, the Acting Certificate Program, or the new Honors Program in Acting. These programs demand a significant commitment from the student.

What You Should Know about Enrolling for Programs at CCM Preparatory

Registration Information: A guide to registering for programs with links to forms, eligibility requirements and more.

Tuition Assistance: Information on how to make your CCM Prep experience more affordable.

Tuition: A rundown on how to pay and how much classes cost, with links to payment plans, discounts and scholarships.

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Community Engagement

CCM Preparatory is committed to support arts education for all people regardless of age, ability or financial situation. We partner with area schools, social organizations, and other arts organizations to assist with these efforts. CCM Preparatory promotes the health and wellness benefits of the arts through programs such as the Music & Wellness Coalition of Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati Arts Association's Arts in Healing project.

Lives United: Music, Arts & Community

Lives United: Music, Arts & Community (LUMAC) is a community engagement initiative located in Mt. Auburn. The purpose of the LUMAC initiative is to provide a performance venue for young and aspiring artists and to increase access to the arts for the Mt. Auburn neighborhood and surrounding communities.

In partnership with CCM Preparatory and Community Engagement, the goal is to create a dynamic hub for music and the arts, which will further a mission of justice, compassion, inclusion, and wholeness. Concerts and events, often featuring CCM student artists, are presented free of charge for the community.

Email Anne Cushing-Reid for more information about the program.

For the Public

CCM Preparatory activities and performances can be found at various fairs and community events throughout the area, promoting the arts as a vital element of everyone’s lives. CCM Preparatory also supports deserving students with scholarships and financial assistance. The CCMPowerCincinnati Symphony Club and many private donors assist in supporting financial assistance and scholarships to deserving students.

2 Simple Ways to Help
CCM Preparatory and Community Engagement

1. Kroger Community Rewards

If you have a Kroger grocery card, please register it in Kroger's Community Rewards program and Kroger will donate a portion of what you spend to CCM Preparatory, and it won't affect the Kroger points you accumulate. Each year's program expires in April, so we hope you'll re-up each spring.

► Go to

► At the upper right, click "Sign In" if you have a card, or "Create an account" if you don't. You'll receive a confirmation and verification e-mail.

► Once you sign in or confirm your account, select "My Account" and then "Account Settings." Search for "CCM Prep" under Community Rewards and designate it as your organization of choice.

2. Goodsearch.

This Yahoo!-powered search engine donates a penny to CCM Preparatory every time you use it for a Web search. Simply visit and register via your e-mail or Facebook account. When asked to designate an organization to support, enter "CCM Preparatory." You will then have a personalized page that shows how much you have contributed.