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CCM: Prep

CCM: Prep

2019-20 Tuition & Fees

Registration fee

$30 annually per family. Some programs will have additional audition or application fees.

No discounts apply to fees.

Music Tuition

Private lessons

The 2019-20 year includes 30 lessons. New students are accepted on a rolling basis and tuition is prorated based on the number of lessons remaining in the year.

  Tier One Tier Two
30-minute lessons $810/year $1,050/year
$27.00/lesson $35.00/lesson
45-minute lessons $1,200/year $1,560/year
$40.00/lesson $52.00/lesson
60-minute lessons $1,620/year $2,100/year
$54.00/lesson $70.00/lesson

Trial Lesson: tuition for one lesson

Suzuki String Program

Includes weekly lessons and group classes.

30-minute lessons — $1,440
45-minute lessons — $1,950
60-minute lessons — $2,490

Suzuki Piano Program

Includes weekly lessons and group classes.

30-minute lessons — $1,260
45-minute lessons — $1,770
60-minute lessons — $2,310

Starling Preparatory String Project  — $5,550/year

Early Childhood Programs Tuition

Primary Ballet — $225 per semester
Continuing Primary Ballet — $225 per semester
Guitar for the Young — $1,050 (technically a private lessons program)
stARTS — $150 per 10-week session
stAGES — $150 per 10-week session

Theatre Arts Tuition

CCM Action! — $150 for 10-week term
Acting: Beginning — $600 for school year
Acting: Intermediate — $600 for school year
Acting: Intermediate/Advanced — $600 for school year
Jr. Musical Theatre Intensiverefer to program page
Musical Theatre Insights — $300 for Fall Semester Only (10-week course)
Musical Theatre Intensive — $1,450 for school year
Acting Certificate I, II — $1,450 for school year
High School Acting Honors Program  — $415 for school year

Dance Tuition

Dance Styles 1/2 — $550 for school year
Dance Styles 3/4 — $550 for school year
Modern Dance — $550 for school year

Ballet Classes Levels 1-4 - all rates are for school year

  First Class
Add'l Class
1 hour
1.25 hours
1.5 hours

Ballet Bundle (Levels 5-7) - rates are for the school year

$1,850 cap on ballet class tuition. Bundles exist for levels 5, 6 and 7 and include all respective level classes and a Pointe class. Company tuition is not included in the Ballet Bundle. No discounts may be used in combination with the Ballet Bundle pricing. More information on Ballet Bundles can be found on this website page.

Unbundled One or Two Class Options for Levels 5-7

One Class Option — $275 per semester

Two Class Option — $500 per semester

Additional Ballet Classes - rates are for school year

Pre-pointe — $450 (automatic discount to $350 when paired with a Level class)
Pointe 1 — $450 (automatic discount to $350 when paired with a Level class)
Pas de Deux — $450 (full price, not discountable)

CCM Preparatory Ballet Companies (please note that Company is not discountable, with the exception of $40 off Adult Company for verified current UC Students)

Mini Company — $320 per school year
Junior Company — $410 per school year
Senior Company — $450 per school year
Adult Company — $240 per semester
(Please note that in the past the Company classes were per semester, as the Adult Company currently is. Mini, Junior and Senior Company are now full-year classes. If students do not wish to continue in the spring, they must complete a withdrawal form before spring semester to opt out.)

Tuition for Ballet Companies may not be included in the $1,850 dance tuition cap (i.e. the "Ballet Bundle").