CCM: Prep

CCM: Prep
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The Theatre Arts Division of CCM Preparatory and Community Engagement offers classes and programs that teach the essential skills necessary for students interested in acting and musical theatre.  As an accredited school for theatre, CCM Preparatory adheres to the highest standards for theatre education. Faculty follow a curriculum that introduces core skills at the preschool level and building upon these skills as students progress through the levels.

Our youngest students begin in a rich multi-arts environment learning through sounds, movement and words in the spirit of playfulness. At age seven students continue in a multi-arts program with the addition of performance opportunities. By middle school, students make a decision to follow an acting track or musical theatre track. CCM Preparatory has some of the finest and most experience faculty in the area in both acting and musical theatre.

Acting classes emphasize basic skills including improvisation, characterization, movement, vocal production, script analysis and scene study. The musical theatre program requires students to take training in acting, singing and dance.  

Private acting lessons, including audition preparation and coaching for performances, also are available from our theatre arts faculty. Director of Education, Amy Dennison, can discuss options that best suit students’ interests and abilities.

Theatre Arts Policy on Script Choice

The University of Cincinnati is a diverse, inclusive public institution, and acting teachers in the CCM Preparatory Theatre Arts program do their best to choose material that is appropriate in subject matter and language for the maturity level of the students in their class. If students feel uncomfortable with a scene they are assigned in class, they may speak to the instructor to request a change of material. We encourage parents to read over their child’s acting assignments and they are welcome to discuss the choice of material with the instructor and/or the Theatre Arts coordinator.

The choice of material by acting instructors does not indicate advocacy for any ethical, political or religious point of view. Students and parents should understand that playing a role does not in any way indicate that the performer shares the character’s beliefs or behaviors or even supports the ideas of the playwright.