COVID-19 Updates:

CCM: Prep

CCM: Prep

Update for Families

The following message to CCM Preparatory families was emailed to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff on March 25, 2020.

Letter to CCM Preparatory Families from Assistant Dean, John Martin

Dear Students, Families, Faculty and Staff: 

We would never have thought that the 2019-2020 school year would end in this way. Like the entire UC community, we are learning that decisions we make today may not be part of the plan tomorrow. Nevertheless, we owe our students and their families, along with our dedicated, extremely talented faculty, a plan to complete this school year as productively as possible.

Students and families, please be aware that the great majority of our faculty are part-time hourly workers. If they do not teach, they do not get paid. Your tuition goes toward your teacher’s hourly pay and costs for your teacher to be employed at UC. We are working hard to adapt our way of working so that all faculty members who are relying on their Preparatory paychecks will get their expected pay. And if you can and are able, you can help us. Depending on the program you are enrolled in, you may have anywhere from 5-8 weeks of lessons, classes or rehearsals. As of today, here are our options and plans: 

Private Lessons: All faculty are expected to teach the remaining lessons for their students. Because there is a ban on face-to-face instruction, all lessons will be taught remotely.  You have or will be contacted by your teacher to access your live, online lesson. We are proud of how quickly our private lesson teachers have stepped up to the challenge, learning new ways to provide their approaches to teaching in these live online lessons. 

Group Classes (Music, Theatre Arts and Dance):  

  • Music theory and acting classes will be taught remotely. Your teachers will send information on how to access these classes.  
  • Dance: Dr. Jacobs-Percer has been working on online classes for the different levels of ballet and the musical theatre dance faculty have also been creating video lessons. 
  •  stARTs and stAGES, Primary and Continuing Primary Ballet can access the multi-arts classes Karie-Lee Sutherland and Amy Dennison have created for each week of classes. Links will be sent to each family.  

Ensemble Rehearsals: Since ensembles require being together, we are offering the following options: 

  • Students intending to audition for the ensemble next year, can be issued credit for the unused tuition from this year 
  • You may consider offering the unused tuition as a donation to the department 

Refunds: Because of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Cincinnati (UC) will not be refunding tuition. We have worked to offer online options in keeping with this UC policy and to provide our valued students and families minimal disruption to instruction.  

If you have a strong reason for not participating in online instruction as offered, you may contact us at We will send instructions for submitting a withdrawal form for consideration by the Assistant Dean for Preparatory & Community Engagement. 

Again, if you are able, please consider the unused tuition as a donation to the department, which will help us with our commitment to pay our teachers. 

None of us wanted this year to end this way. We are so grateful for your continued support and we thank you for your patience and perseverance. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me or Amy Dennison, Director of Education. 



John Martin 
Assistant Dean, CCM Preparatory and Community Engagement