Galen Arnett

Galen Arnett

Galen Arnett is a vivacious actor from Winchester, Kentucky. He has performed in every setting from film to stage and especially in voiceover. Galen is typically cast as the dry and witty boy next door that wins over your heart in the end and brings an unexpected charm to any role he is given. Some of his favorite roles in Cincinnati include Colonel Mustard in Clue: On Stage and Ralph in Blue Stockings at CCM, and Graham/John in Next Stage 9 with Cincinnati Playwrights. His voice acting career has spanned from video games to national commercials to radio plays. Aside from acting, Galen is an avid cook and lover of all things coffee. After graduation, Galen aspires to continue pursuing his acting career with a focus on voiceover for video games and animation.


Film Scene

Solo Scene

Voice-Over Demo

  1. Reeses
    Chocolate, Peanut butter, is your mouth watering yet? Nope. It’s crying tears of joy. Not sorry. Reese’s 

  2. Subway
    Join Subway MyWay to earn on all the things you love to eat, even our new Avocado Spike Bowl. Subway, Eat Fresh, Refresh. 

  3. Jared
    I knew she was the one from the moment I met her, Jared Experts helped me pick a ring that’s one of a kind, just like her. Jared. 

  4. Carvana
    Woman’s Voice: Dibs!
    That’s  right! You can call dibs on a car and we’ll hold it while you complete your purchase process. Carvana, we’ll drive you happy. 

  5. Dr. Squatch
    [Water running in the shower] Still using your 23 in one body wash? You know that’s a corrosive synthetic detergent…
    [screaming as acid dissolves flesh] Yeah…
    [Heaven Opening] Dr Squatch soaps are made with the finest products and fragrances Mother Nature has to offer. 

  6. Sony
    If you recognize these headphones… chances are you know. You know that they’ve been the industry standard for decades. But you also know there’s nothing “Standard” about them.

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