Shaylee Bowman

Shaylee Bowman

Shaylee Bowman, a recent graduate of CCM’s BFA Acting program, is poised to make her mark in the world of performing arts. With a passion for both stage and screen, Shaylee has showcased her versatile talent in notable CCM productions, such as Lampito in Lysistrata and the iconic Mrs. Peacock in Clue: On Stage. Beyond the stage and set, Shaylee indulges in various hobbies that showcase her multifaceted personality. A skilled guitarist and singer, she often immerses herself in the world of music when not honing her acting craft. With boundless enthusiasm, Shaylee is ready to take her acting talents on a journey as expansive and unpredictable as the wilderness she cherishes. As she steps into the world of entertainment, Shaylee is not just an actress — she's an explorer, eager to let the winds of creativity and the call of the wild guide her path.


Film Scene

Solo Scene

Voice-Over Demo

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