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A photo of the CCM Mail Room.

CCM Mail & Duplication

CCM's Mailroom and Duplication Service Window is located in room 3130 of Mary Emery Hall. CCM's campus mail location is 0003. Refer to the information below for guidelines and procedures related to our mailing and duplicating services.

Mailroom Hours:
7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.
CLOSED 12-1 p.m.

Jody York, Mail & Duplication Supervisor
Phone: 513-556-9413
Fax: 513-556-0202

University of Cincinnati
College-Conservatory of Music
CCM Mailroom
Rm. 3110 Mary Emery Hall
PO Box 210003
Cincinnati OH 45221-0003

* CCM Mailroom Policies (PDF) (27.5 KB)
Updated Aug. 17, 2017.
* Electronic Duplicating Order Form (.xlsx) (13.8 KB)
Updated Aug. 15, 2017.
* Copyright Form (PDF) (43.8 KB)
Updated Aug. 15, 2017.

CCM Photocopy Guidelines & Procedures

Duplication Procedures
  1. Duplication Forms must be completely filled out. We cannot do the job correctly without complete information.

  2. For copyrighted material: the Copyright Form provided on this page must be completely filled out and signed by the Division Head, Department Head or Faculty member. Only original signatures will be acceptable.

  3. There is a 24 hour turnaround time on copy jobs after receipt in the Copyroom. 48 hours for special projects, manuscripts, books, folding jobs, etc. (There is a limit of one book per day, per person.)

  4. All copy jobs are time stamped and completed in the order received.

  5. The duplicating job with the proper forms may be given to the Mailroom Assistant at the window in Rm. 3130 or may be placed in the faculty lounge basket marked "photocopies".

Printing of Copyrighted Material

Request for printing of copyrighted material must have the Copyright Form filled out completely and properly signed. This includes all published music, books, magazines, etc.

Any item that requires a Copyright Form will not be copied without the authorizing signature of the faculty member wishing the material.

Learn more about fair use considerations here:

Small Copier Usage

All faculty, staff, graduate assistants and teaching assistants have been assigned an account number for use of the small copiers. The small copiers cost five cents per copy, while the large copier, located in the Mailroom, costs less than a penny per copy. It is cheaper to run copies on the Mailroom copier resulting in savings for the college.

We require that you use the small copiers for no more than 5-10 originals. Overuse causes frequent breakdowns in the equipment. The small copiers simply cannot handle the volume. These copiers are here for your convenience.

Please be aware that we monitor all accounts. We must insist that you plan a day in advance and send all large copy jobs to the Mailroom for duplication.

Procedures for Duplication of Exams

Place exam in a large campus envelope. Please remember to scratch off old addresses and readdress the envelope to the CCM Mailroom.

Mark the envelope Personal/Confidential.

Address envelope to:
      Attention: Jody York
      CCM Mailroom
      Mail Location 0003

Hand deliver to the Mailroom. We cannot be responsible for copy jobs lost in the mail.

Mark your phone number on the work order and you will be notified by phone upon completion of the exam.

All exams are held in the mailroom for pick up!