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Staff Council

Staff Council serves, promotes and voices the concerns of the staff within CCM. Created in 2014 as a ONECCM initiative, the Council is a force for the promotion and engagement of the work environment for all staff within the CCM community.

In service to this mission, the Council provides special development funding to CCM staff, distributes wellness and workplace enhancement information in an monthly newsletter and plans special events for CCM staff.

The Staff Council is made up of three committees to manage each of these services:

  • The Professional Development Committee is charged with the promotion, applications and distribution of the funding allocated for Professional Development.

  • The Wellness and Workplace Enhancement Committee is charged with the promotion of CCM staff and the facilitating of interactive and wellness oriented information and events that build the sense of community within CCM.

  • The Special Events Committee is charged with special events planning and coordination, which includes faculty/staff outings throughout the year, the annual CCM Staff Holiday Party in December and the CCM Staff Potluck in the Spring.

Through these committees the Staff Council has worked to serve the CCM Staff as a force for community and promotion for the past three years. It is our hope that we will continue this mission into the future for many years to come.

To contact Staff Council, email  

2018-19 Staff Council Members

Joshua Chal
CCM Academic Advisor
Staff Council Co-Chair
Professional Development Committee  
Becky Butts
CCM Assistant Public Information Office
Staff Council Co-Chair
Wellness and Workplace Enhancement Committee
Tondra Holt
CCM Assistant to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs & Dir. of Graduate Studies
Wellness and Workplace Enhancement Committee
TJ Hizer
CCM HR Consultant  
Wellness and Workplace Enhancement Committee
Steve McConnell
CCM Business Manager
Professional Development Committee
Stephanie Dumais
CCM Assistant Director of Constituent Development
Special Events Committee
Kenneth Allen
CCM Technical Production Manager
Special Events Committee
Lauren Magee
CCM Program Coordinator, Registrar and Student Accounts
Special Events Committee
Anne Cushing-Reid
Director of Engagement, Special Programs and Partnerships
Wellness and Workplace Enhancement Committee

Professional Development

To apply for staff professional development funding, complete the online form.

All full-time CCM Staff Members are eligible to apply for professional development funding through Staff Council. Faculty and Adjunct Faculty are not eligble for these awards. If a staff member also holds an adjunct appointment, their application must be gear towards development in their position as a staff member.

The professional development opportunity must be directly related to the staff member's current position and must be approved by the staff member's supervisor. Staff are encouraged to also seek funding from their individual departments, as the Staff Council may not be able to fulfill the entire request for funding.

The professional development fund amounts to a total of $5,000. The maximum award offered to an individual staff member is $500.

Staff members must apply to receive professional development funding. A panel of CCM Staff Council members will distribute professional development awards based on completed application forms.

Once the application is approved, the applicant will be informed via email. The award can only be distributed as a reimbursement after the expenses have occured and verifying receipts have been received.

The online form must be fully completed, submitted and approved by a supervisor before requests will be considered. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Applications will be accepted throughout the academic year or until June 1, 2019.

Applications for funding will be considered for events taking place on or after July 1, 2018, assuming all required documentation is submitted.

The recipient is required to file a brief report with the Staff Council Awards Panel within thirty days of completion of the project/seminar. This report should summarize the project and your participation, as well as show how the opportunity benefited you as a professional and how it benefits CCM. The report should also itemize all expenses.

Complete the online form to apply for professional development funding.

Wellness and Workplace Enhancement  

The Wellness and Workplace Enhancement team produces a monthly electronic newsletter for CCM faculty and staff. The newsletter shares CCM news, details on university-wide Be Well UC initiavites and information on CCM events.

Special Events

The Special Events team organizes the December Staff Holiday Party and the Spring Staff Pot Luck. Throughout the year, the committee will also organize events to connect faculty and staff such as outings to CCM performances, UC athletics events and UC volunteer events.

Staff Council welcomes staff suggestions for additional activites to engage faculty and staff.

If you have a suggestion for a faculty/staff outting, please email