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Student Artist Program

The Student Artist Program (SAP) is an ongoing outreach program, which offers an opportunity for CCM students to gain additional performance experiences while providing a valuable service to the Cincinnati community. The program is specifically offered to audiences in retirement communities and senior centers located throughout the area.

Room 3235, Mary Emery Hall
Phone: (513)556-9481

Who Can Participate
The program is open to all current CCM performing arts students (instrumentalists and vocalists). In order to be eligible for participation, students must have a recommendation form signed by their applied faculty instructor (or ensemble coach). The recommendation forms will be available in the SAP office.

How the Program Works
A list of available performance dates and times in various centers will be posted in the SAP office and on the SAP display case in the college hall. Although performance times will generally be posted for each semester, the program runs throughout the academic year. Eligible students (i.e., those who have obtained signed faculty recommendations) sign up for available dates and times. The program coordinator will schedule the performances and provide information with regard to the centers (i.e., directions, distance, etc.).

How to Become a Participant
Simply have your applied faculty instructor (or ensemble coach for chamber ensembles) sign a letter of recommendation and send it to:

Student Artist Program
c/o CCM Career Services Office
Campus mail location 0003

Or deliver it in person to MEH 3235 (located in the CCM college office)

What Else You Should Know

  • Performances should be approximately 40-45 minutes in duration plus a brief verbal introduction of the program to be performed.
  • The host center provides a well-tuned piano and an appropriate performance space.
  • A remuneration fee is available for keyboard players who accompany the participating student. Please note that we pay accompanists only, not individual solo pianists.
  • Travel expenses (bus or taxi fare) will be reimbursed upon pre-approval from the coordinator and presentation of the original receipt.

For More Information
For more information about the program, call 556-9481 or stop by MEH 3235.