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3207 Lab Reservation Guidelines and Policies


1) The Computer lab requires a domain account to use.  Lab Attendant are not able to create new accounts, re-enable deactivated accounts, or create guests accounts.


2) Unless otherwise arrianged, users will responsible for their own prints.  Lab Attendants are not permitted to print on behalf of users.


3) Access to the lab will be restricted only during the agreed reservation times.  The lab may be opened to general use regardless if of completion


4) All Lab policies will be in full effect during the reservation period.  The person reserving the lab will responsible for enforcing all lab policies.


5) Software will generally not be installed or modified in the middle of a semester.  If you wish to utilize software please coordinate with the Lab Supervisor before the reservation.


6) Please allow up to 3 business days for scheduling responses.


7) Lab reservations outside of reguarly scheduled lab hours require a Lab Attendant and may incur additional fees.