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Data Storage

There are many storage options available at CCM, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages.  If you would like assistance in choose the correct storage platform please contact CCM IT.



CCMSPACE is a storage server maintained by IT@UC and managed by CCM IT.  Storage on CCMSPACE is availabel to any CCM faculty, staff, or department for Departmental or Academic work.



Box is UC's perfered cloud stage platform.  Unlimited storage is avalable for all CCM Student, Staff, or Faculty members.  Box offers synching (similer to Dropbox), and access is avialable via Web, iOS, Android, Windows, and others.  Users are able to share files.



Kaltura is UC's prefered video hosting and distrubution platform.  Kaltura can host videos and intergrates easily with Blackboard and other systems.  Kaltura will also transcode videos, which will allow them to be viewed accross differant devices without the need to download additional codecs and players.