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Digitally Sign PDFs with Adobe Acrobat

NOTE: Before signing documents electronicly you must first prepare Adobe Acrobat using a Digital ID from UCIT.


Note: Adobe DC is signficanttly differant.  Instructions for Adobe DC are forthcoming.


Step 1

In the upper right hand corner of Adobe Acrobat select "Sign".  In some versions it may say "Fill and Sign"

Screen shot

Step 2

Select Sign with Certificate and follow the own screen instructions.

Screen Shot

Step 3

Enter your the PIN you used to created your certificate and click sign.

screen shot

Step 4

You will be prompted to save the document.  It is suggested you change the file name to differeante the original document and the one you've signed.  


You have now electronicly signed the document.  THe signed document is safe to trasnport via email.  If the document is tempered with an error message will be displayed to the user.