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Prepare Acrobat for Digital Signing

Step 1

Obtain a personal SSL Certificate, also known as a Client Certificate.  If you have not already obtained done so UC Employees can obtain one through UCIT.  Please note that Adobe will refer to this certificate as a "Digital ID".  


Step 2

Open Adobe Acrobat Pro and go to Preferences.  On the Mac it is under the Acrobat menu and on Windows it is under the Edit menu.

Step 3

On the right hand side "Categories" menu select Categories and then click the "More" button under the box labeled "Identires & Trusted Certificates"

Mac Preferences

Step 4

Highlight "Digital IDs" and click "Add ID"

screen shot

Step 5

Select "My Existing digital ID from:" and "A file".  Then click the "Next" Button.

Screen Shot

Step 6

Navaigate to your personal certificate you recieved from UCIT (ends with a .P12 file extension) and type in the password you enetered when you created it and select Next.


Adobe Acrobat is now ready to sign documents.