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CCM Grand

July 22-24, 2020

"Intergenerational Learning is an important part of lifelong learning, in which generations work together to gain skills, values and knowledge simultaneously." 

 -Amy Dennison, Education Director CCM Prep


CCM Grand 2018

The Experience

CCM Grand, a summer learning experience for children and grandparents, is moving into its second year of operation for the Summer of 2020. The focus is on intergenerational learning, allowing people from different generations to learn together. Despite the generational gap, these groups have a great deal in common: both have time to learn and try things, and both are often marginalized in the making of decisions that affect them. That is why this program is so impactful. 

To read more about CCM Grand and its inaugural year, read this blog, written by CCM Preparatory Director of Education and CCM Grand Founder Amy Dennison. 

Program Information

For children ages 7-12 and grandparents age "young at heart!"

CCM Grand is the first intergenerational summer program hosted by CCM Preparatory & Community Engagement. Grandparents and their grandchildren (ages 7-12) are invited to return to UC for a unique arts experience. This camp is designed to strengthen the special bond that exists between generations. During this camp, you will:

  • Participate in a series of arts activities taught by renowned CCM Prep Faculty
  • Tour the UC campus and award-winning rec center
  • Experience life on campus at the newly renovated Marion Spencer Hall.

Join CCM Grand as it grows and develops this summer of 2020. We hope to learn and experience new concepts in the arts with you soon!

Registration Information

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Tuition Information

CCM Grand with Dorm: $350 per person

CCM Grand without Dorm: $300 per person