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CCM Summer Programs
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Do I have to be a CCM student to apply for these programs?

No. These programs are open to CCM and non-CCM students alike.

Can I get academic credit?
Academic credit may be made available upon request, but the tuition associated with this credit will be above and beyond any and all workshop fees.

Are scholarships available?
Scholarships may be available and are awarded based on your Acceptd application materials. Note: In order to be considered, there may be additional application deadlines. 

Can I request a specific studio teacher?

You are welcome to make such a request, but the decision will ultimately be made by the artistic director.

Is there an age minimum?
Collegiate and adult programs are designed for students 18 and older. Programs for high school students (under age 18) are available through CCM Preparatory Summer Programs. 

Is housing available?
Housing is available for summer programs unless otherwise noted.  For more information on housing, please visit the individual program pages.
* Please note that you must be 18 years of age at the time of the program in order to to stay in campus housing for CCM Collegiate and Adult Programs.

Would prospective students who might not be able to attend the full program still be considered? Would the tuition be prorated?
Deviations from workshop schedules is at the discretion of the artistic directors. 

Will there be time to interact with the artist faculty outside of the lessons and master classes?
Yes. Most of these festivals purposefully include social events so that students can interact with faculty in a more relaxed setting.

Is there WiFi on campus?
Yes, there is WiFi campus-wide, free of charge to guests.

Are there dining options on or near campus?
Dining is available on campus as well as near campus. A meal card for campus food services may be purchased if desired. A meal card is not required to utilize UC Food Services. For more information on dining options, please visit the individual program pages.

Do I have access to campus amenities such as the fitness center or the tennis courts?
You can access the campus recreation center for an additional weekly fee. For more information on rec center access, please visit the individual program pages.

Is the neighborhood surrounding the campus easily walkable? Should I plan on having access to a car or plan on public transportation?
If you are staying on campus, you will not need a car to get around. There are plenty of stores and restaurants on and around the UC campus. You should only need a car if you plan to leave campus on the weekend or during down time. Several bus lines service UC, Downtown and nearby neighborhoods.

If you are driving to campus, you can have parking access to any garage on campus for an additional weekly fee. Parking may be purchased as part of registration for programs.

If you are interested in renting a car, Cincinnati Zipcar is a service to explore.

Will there be an opportunity to meet with admissions specialists from the Conservatory?
Most programs will have downtime. If you want to schedule a personal appointment with CCM Admissions during your stay, please contact an Admissions Officer.

Do I have to sign a waiver with photo/video release, drug/alcohol policies, cancellation policies, etc.?

Yes. The waiver is part of the registration process. Please see below for the complete waiver language for CCM Collegiate and Summer Programs:

I give my permission to participate in classes and/or lessons, including one-on-one private instruction, at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory, CCM Music Preparatory and Community Engagement, and CCM Summer Programs (herewith named CCM).  I understand there are risks and that I participate in this program at my own risk, and that the University of Cincinnati will not be responsible for medical expenses incurred as a result of my participation. I understand and accept the policies of CCM and accept responsibility for all charges and fees incurred. 

I allow CCM to use photos, video and recordings made at CCM functions involving the individual hereby enrolled unless I withdraw this consent in writing to the Assistant Dean. 

I grant permission for CCM to reproduce and use for educational, publicity and/or orientation purposes, without compensation, all photographs, videos, movies, or sound recordings taken involving the individuals hereby enrolled unless I withdraw this consent in writing to the Assistant Dean. 

I understand that the University’s policies on Alcohol, Drug Use, Sexual Harassment, and the Student Code of Conduct apply while I participate in the Program. I agree to abide by these policies. I understand that misconduct can lead to removal from the Program and may, in addition, result in a decision by the University to impose further sanctions under its policies and rules.

I will have the opportunity and the right to independently leave the group periodically, subject to the Program Director’s approval and requirements for participation in the Program. I understand and acknowledge that if I spend any time away from the Program’s location, or participate in any activity that is not a planned part of the program, I may face additional and/or increased risk to my personal safety, and that I am solely responsible for my own safety.

Communicating intent to withdraw only to faculty or staff members, or simply not attending classes or lessons, will not be construed as withdrawal nor invalidate the student’s obligation to pay for all registered lesson, classes, ensembles and programs. There are no refunds for summer programs, except for medical emergencies. A doctor’s written note must be provided when requesting a refund. Deposits are non-refundable. Refunds cannot be processed until the withdrawal process has been completed. Registration, application and audition fees are non-refundable. To withdraw from any program, the teacher or program director must be notified of the intent to withdraw and a withdrawal request must be made in writing and approved by the Assistant Dean.

CCM reserves the right to cancel any classes, programs, ensembles or lessons at its discretion and will not be liable or responsible for any personal expenses including but not limited to travel, lodging, meals and other personal expenses (other than tuition, fees or program expenses as outlined explicitly for this program or in other CCM policies) incurred by the participant for his/her participation.