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CCM Summer Programs

Music Performance Courses

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May 7-27 (May-Mester)

FAM 2023-001 — 72069
Breadth of Knowledge Areas: CM Effective Communication, KI Knowledge Integration, FA Fine Arts

In this course, you will play, record and make music with online instruments. There are three units, and each unit includes a distinctive music making session: Individual Session (Unit 1), Collaborative Session (Unit 2) and Creative Jam Session (Unit 3). In Unit 1, you will individually study the basic knowledge of music making, including identifying musical instruments, playing online instruments and recording the music that you played through the exercises. In the Midterm Exam, you will be asked to answer the basic knowledge that you have learned so far. In Unit 2 and 3, you will form your laptop band with your online classmates to play and record music together. In Unit 2, you will collaborate with 1-2 classmate(s) to complete the assignment together. In Unit 3, you will collaborate with 2-4 classmates to create your own band under your instruction to direct your band members, and play for your band member's music under their respective directions. In the Final Exam, you will be asked to answer all the materials that you have learned.

May 29-July 1 (Session A)

FAM 2014-001 — 72068 (Monday/Wednesday/Friday 11 a.m.-1:40 p.m.)
Breadth of Knowledge Areas: CM Effective Communication, CT Critical Thinking, KI Knowledge Integration, FA Fine Arts, Mid-Collegiate Experience

This course will explore the potentials of laptop computers for music making. Various technical topics, including analog v. digital sound, audio software, effects, gear, MIDI and audio programming languages will be surveyed. In addition, a survey of the history of computer music will be conducted by way of an investigation into seminal readings and recordings. Both of these inquiries will provide participants with the technical and analytical skills to utilize their laptops to creative ends. Participants will also be expected to work in small groups on creative projects.

Course Fees and Registration Info

Course fees for part-time students are $534 per credit hour for Ohio residents and $1173 per credit hour for non-residents. Costs include program fees.

UC students can register online at

Non-UC students can begin the registration process by visiting