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CCM Summer Programs

Off-Campus Housing

If you choose not to live on campus

Local Immersion students are not required to live on campus, although some have chosen to do so in the past. Some out-of-town students stay with relatives in the area. Non-resident students are responsible for any parking fees at the University of Cincinnati.

Alternately, there are parking passes available for non-resident Immersion students that are valid only during the program's duration. These can be purchased via this link on our registration site. Please note there are two parking options for Immersion students: 1 or 2 weeks. Parking is $30 per week. These passes will be given to students at check-in.

Non-resident students should plan to remain on campus to eat. They have the option of packing a lunch or eating in the dining hall with the dorm students.

Non-resident students who wish to attend planned evening activities may have to pay associated ticketing fees depending on the event. Please check with the CCM Preparatory office for more information.