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CCM Summer Programs

Registration and FAQ

When can I register for an Immersion program?

For Musical Theatre Workshop and Voice Workshop, an audition (either in-person or online) is required. Refer to each program page for audition information. Registration will open after the audition decisions have been made in March 2019.

Who can attend the Arts Immersion program?

Voice Workshop, Acting Workshop and Jazz Academy are open to rising freshman through seniors (grades 9 through 12). Musical Theatre Workshop is open to rising sophomores through seniors (grades 10 through 12).

What do I need to know about living on-campus during Immersion?

For out-of-town Immersion students, or local students who wish to experience living at UC, campus housing is available in a University of Cincinnati student dorm. Immersion students are chaperoned and housing fees include room, board and activities. Detailed housing information is available through this link.

For students who purchase housing, payment for housing must be received by June 1st.

Is there a parking option for commuters?

Yes, we have a parking option for Immersion students who are commuting to the program. There is a CCM garage pass available for $30 per week. There is a registration option for the pass under High School Immersion on the registration site. Summer garage passes will be handed out the first day of class.

This type of parking pass is only available for students in the Immersion program.

Do you offer financial assistance?

High School students may join the CCM Preparatory apprentice program. Due to housing logistics, this program is limited to local and current preparatory students. Apprentices earn tuition credit by assisting with our camps for youth. We look for enthusiastic, responsible young adults who have familiarity and comfort with the arts. Applications for the apprentice program may be downloaded by clicking here.

Do you give refunds?

There are no refunds for summer programs, except for medical emergencies. A doctor’s written note must be provided when requesting a refund. Deposits are non-refundable.

I have more questions.

We would be happy to help! You may call our office at 513-556-2595 or send an email to