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Celebrate CCM's 150 Years of Excellence With Your Membership and Support

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CCM has thrived for 150 years because of the support of thousands of people who have understood the value and benefit of the talent that is being nurtured here.

When you become a member of CCMpower, you continue a tradition of friends and alumni who love and support the arts. Together, our membership dollars grow exponentially through partnerships and events that enable CCMpower to award student scholarships and grants. We also provide student and ensemble performance travel funds, master class opportunities and collaborative projects through our community engagement activities.

Our mission, which motivates us, is to generate financial and non-financial resources to create programs and events that will

- enhance the experiences of CCM students, faculty, staff and alumni,
- advance CCM's connection to its local and global communities, and
- preserve the reputation of CCM as a world-class institution.

Will you join us? Register today or renew your membership to enjoy the benefits and feel the power of enriching lives at CCM.

Best regards,
William H. Harvey, BM '71
President, CCMpower