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Arts Administration

Jason Hurwitz | Class of 2012

Jason Hurwitz

What have you been up to since graduating from the Arts Administration program?
Immediately after graduating from the Arts Administration program, my wife and I moved to Madison, WI, where I had landed a job as Programming and Community Engagement Coordinator (later promoted to Manager) at Overture Center for the Arts, a stunning nonprofit performing arts center located a block from the Wisconsin state capital building. During my tenure there, I worked with the VP of Programming and Community Engagement to select, schedule, and contract artists for the venue’s various season series, developed and managed several community engagement programs—including MadCity Sessions (a concert series showcasing local talent), Overture EngAGES (a unique, hands-on, arts-engagement program for senior citizens), and Overture’s Rising Stars (a regional talent search) — and worked closely with our marketing, finance, stage crew, and events departments to ensure smooth collaboration between all parties.

Then, in late 2014 — soon after my son was born — I realized that I needed to change things up in my work life, and decided to pursue another long-time interest: financial advising. I was honored to accept a position as a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley in Williamsport, PA (where both my wife and I grew up), and so we moved home and I started with the firm in late spring 2015. It’s been a WONDERFUL transition, and the best part is that I’m still able to be active in the arts as a patron, donor, board member, and participant/creator. In fact, since leaving Cincinnati, I’ve played the role of The Fiddler in two productions of Fiddler on the Roof, played in the pit for a number of musicals, performed with several orchestras in a variety of settings, and recently started ramping up my wedding music side gig again.

How did UC’s Arts Administration program affect your career path?
The Arts Admin program has played a crucial role in my career path. I certainly would not have landed the gig I had up in Madison had I not had the knowledge base and real-world experience gained during my tenure at UC. Also, I firmly believe that the MBA I earned as part of the dual-degree program was a big plus on my resume when I applied at Morgan Stanley, and it has been my experience thus far that business owners and other high-level employees are more willing to talk with me about their financial plans once they find out that I have an MBA.
In addition to benefitting my career, my experience in UC’s Arts Admin program has also provided me with the tools needed to be an effective board member for several nonprofit organizations in town.

Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?
In five years, I hope to be working as a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley, providing quality financial planning and advice to my clients. It is my goal to have at least quintupled the size of my current practice, measured in assets under management, by then.

What makes you excited to go to work?
I love helping people, and the work that I do has a profoundly positive effect on my clients and the people and organizations they love. I’m also grateful that this job constantly challenges me to be creative, to be empathetic, and to always be learning new ideas and strategies. For me, that’s as good as it gets.

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?
Professionally, I may never be more proud — or excited — than I was when I landed my dream position as a violinist in the internationally-renowned show Barrage.

Any other exciting news?
My son, Ari, was born in August 2014, and, as I’m writing this, my second kid is due to be born any day!


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