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Current Students

Our current CCM Acting students are a talented ensemble of young artists who have come to Cincinnati to study from across the country. Click the link above to visit each class.

CCM Acting students are interesting and interested. They are motivated and engaged. They are unique and diverse.

The difference in each year of study in CCM Acting is dramatic. The growth from year to year is enormous. The opportunities and experiences grow exponentially with each passing year.

CCM Acting actors work professionally, join performer's unions, study abroad and around the nation, and work in theatre, film, television and media.

We love actors.

CCM Drama students and the Dadaab Theater Project in Nairobi, Kenya.

CCM Acting students perform in Nairobi, Kenya for World Refugee Day 2011 with THE DADAAB THEATER PROJECT.



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Working Actors

Cooper Thornton

Cooper Thornton (CCM Acting 1992) has been working steadily in Los Angeles since graduation. His film credits include Fracture, with Ryan Gosling, David Strathairn and Sir Anthony Hopkins, The House of Sand and Fog with Ben Kingsley, and Flightplan with Jodie Foster. Television credits include Parks and Recreation, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Brothers and Sisters, Arrested Development, The King of Queens, My Name Is Earl, Hannah Montana, Cold Case, The Practice, Scrubs, Judging Amy, CSI,and Las Vegas.