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FAQs/Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions that are commonly asked about CCM Acting. If you have additional questions, contact CCM Chair of Acting D'Arcy Smith at

If you are having problems with the Common Application and the required CCM Supplement, please hit submit on your Common Application. If you still can’t access the CCM Supplement after receiving the email with the exact link, your username, and your password, please contact D'Arcy Smith at and ask for help finding and completing the CCM Supplement.

  • Do all seniors perform in the New York and Los Angeles Showcases?

YES! All seniors are automatically invited to perform in New York and Los Angeles in a showcase as a college capstone experience.

  • Can I take dance classes at CCM?

Yes. In fact, one Dance elective of your choice is required. After that, additional dance classes may be taken.

  • Can I take voice classes as CCM?

Yes. In fact, a Group Voice Lesson class is required for one semester. After that, additional private lessons may be taken.

  • Can I be in a musical if I am a student in CCM Acting?

Probably not. In rare instances, based on type, Acting majors have been cast in CCM Musical Theatre productions, and Musical Theatre majors have been cast in CCM Acting productions. CCM Acting majors sometimes appear in CCM Opera productions. CCM Acting students who want to keep their musical theatre interest active do so during the summers. We sing and dance in many CCM Acting productions, but they are not musicals.

  • Can I study abroad?


  • Can I double major or minor in something else while being a CCM Acting Major?

No. The curriculum of 120 required credit hours does not leave room for a minor or double major. That would only be possible in a BA liberal arts theatre program. We train actors in our BFA Conservatory-style training program.

  • Can I direct or stage manage while I’m a CCM Acting major?

No. At CCM, each area of theatre is a separate degree program with a rigorous and focused curriculum on that one area. That would be possible in a BA liberal arts theatre program, but not in our BFA acting program.

  • Why should I choose CCM Acting?

We love actors. We love interesting and interested people. We love students who have goals that fit with ours, whose dreams match with our training.

  • Can I visit CCM?

You are welcome ANY TIME. Every day is a good day at CCM. You can watch classes, meet with current students and faculty, watch rehearsals or see a show, and tour the campus, performing arts building, dorms and city. Give a shout. We'll help set up a visit at any time.

  • Is CCM a “cut” program?


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