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Division Head, Department Chairs and Administrative Offices

Division of Theatre Arts, Production and Arts Administration (TAPAA)
Denton Yockey, Division Head
and Professor of Arts Administration
556-5803 CC 4730
Patti Hall, Administrative Secretary
556-5803 CC 4740
Sharon Stith, Financial Administrator 556-9439 CC 4750
Robin Guarino, Opera Department Chair   556-9540 DVAC 323
Aubrey Berg, Musical Theatre Chair   556-9451 CC 4764
Richard Hess, Acting Department Chair  556-9575 CC 4770
Jiang Qi, Dance Department Chair
CC 3723
Jean Hamilton, Director of Arts Administration
556-9522 CC 3812A
Michele Kay, Theatre Design & Production Chair   556-9440 CC 3700
Scene Shop   556-3709 CC 3480
Sound Design GA Office   556-9774 CC 1463

Complete TAPAA Faculty/Staff Directory

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Patti Hall

Title: Program Manager I
Office: 4740 Corbett Cntr Perform Arts
Tel: 513-556-5803

Patti Hall has been the Program Coordinator for the Division of Theatre Arts, Production and Arts Admnistration(TAPAA) at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) for the past 17 years. She works with all faculty and students in the different departments within TAPAA.

She is the financial manager of the endowed chair and department funds, travel "agent" for guest artists and faculty, office manager who serves as general liason to internal departments, community organizations as well as international entities, and is the go-to person for students in need or anyone who just needs a hug.