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The Company: Hannah Freeman (Carrie White), Jenny Hickman (Margaret White), Alison Bagli (Sue Snell), Eric Geil (Tommy Ross), Emily Trumble (Chris Hargensen), Ben Biggers (Billy Nolan), Emily Schexnaydre (Miss Gardner), Collin Kessler (Mr. Stephens/Reverend Bliss) and Erik Hernandez, John Battagliese, Chris Collins-Pisano, Dane Becker, John McGill, DJ Plunkett, Thomas Meglio, Nick Pelaccio, Hannah Zazzaro, Raven Thomas, Kaela O’Connor, Shauna Topian, Kimber Sprawl, Casey Wenger-Schulman, Cameron Hill, Gina Santare


Production photographs by Mark Lyons








Music by
Michael Gore

Lyrics by
Dean Pitchford

Book by
Lawrence D. Cohen

Based on the novel by
Stephen King

directed by
Aubrey Berg

musical direction by
Steve Goers

choreography by
Vince DeGeorge

Cohen Family Studio Theatre
October 2013


"CCM’s Carrie is Bloody Good"

Awarded 4 Stars by the League of Cincinnati Theatres and nominations for Hannah Freeman as Carrie White, Jenny Hickman as Margaret White, and scenic designer Sarabeth Hall.

"The production of "Carrie" at CCM was staggering. Once considered one of the worst musicals ever written, this re-conception by Aubrey Berg took our breath away. The performances were Broadway caliber, as is so often true -but Hannah Freeman, Jenny Hickman, Alison Bagli and Eric Geil were perfection. Emily Trumble and Ben Biggers were terrific villains. And Steve Goers's musical direction - wow! Take a bow! It was great night of theater."

"Special praise needs to be offered for the performances of Hannah Freeman and Jenny Hickman as tortured Carrie and Margaret, her judgmental mother.  Freeman delivered that emotional arc beautifully, making her imminent humiliation (which we all know is soon to arrive) all the more painful....Hickman’s alto voice and sallow makeup (not to mention her height) gave her a commanding and frightening presence. Even though Margaret is clearly an abusive parent, Hickman helped us understand why and how she became the woman she is. Hers was the show’s most impressive acting presence."

Rick Pender