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The Wild Party

The Wild Party

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Pictured above: Angel Reda (Queenie), Kearran Giovanni (Kate), Lindsay Pier (Madelaine True), J. Michael Kinsey (Black), Eric Santagata (Burrs), Josh Dazel (Eddie), Melissa Bohon (Mae), Savannah Wise and members of the company.

The Wild Party

Production Photographs by Mark Lyons






a new musical by
Andrew Lippa

based on the poem by
John Moncure March

directed by
Aubrey Berg

musical direction
Greg Anthony

Diane Lala

February 2003


"The Wild Party is a heart-thumping, grab-you-by-the-lapels exploration of the human potential for cruelty and abuse. It's most assuredly not your typical musical theatre fare, but, oh my, this one will burn its way into your memory."
City Beat

"Director Aubrey Berg gets inspired work out of each of the 19 members of the cast. It makes for a show to remember. With Diane Lala's powerful, sensual choreography, the cast is infectiously energetic as they hoof and swing through Andrew Lippa's appealing Jazz-Age score."
Cincinnati Enquirer

"Aubrey Berg and Diane Lala who have respectively directed and choreographed many astonishing productions over the years, surpass even their previous achievements with this version of Andrew Lippa's The Wild Party."

"Aubrey Berg's fearless, sensual direction demands his young cast unreservedly engage in this sexual circus or risk being unconvincing. They do."
Cincinnati Post

"The must-see theatre event of the month . . . What a party. Wow!"
Cincinnati Enquirer

Banner Above: Angel Reda and Company

Banner below: Adam Wagner, Matt Risch, Doug Barton, Denis Lambert and Angel Reda