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CCM's Department of Opera boasts one of the most comprehensive training programs for opera singers, coaches and directors of any school in the United States. The following material and links to other pages are offered in the hope this information will answer most of your questions about Opera at CCM. We appreciate your interest in our programs and will be happy to try to provide more information, as is appropriate to your needs.

Opera at CCM integrates the highest standards in voice training and musical coaching with comprehensive and challenging dramatic preparation. Students at CCM work with some of the most renowned teachers and artists active in opera today. CCM offers an international faculty of dedicated educators who are also celebrated professionals in their own right, widely and currently active in their respective fields.

CCM sends its students out into the profession. Several national opera companies now hold auditions at the conservatory, and the Opera Department also hosts a series of informational talks by nationally renowned artists' managers, opera company managers, artistic directors, program directors, performers and coaches, all of whom are prominent professionals working both in America and in Europe.