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Theatre Design & Production

How to Apply

Except in cases of extreme distance and hardship, TD&P requires in-person interviews of all applicants. This allows the interviewing faculty to meet students in a conversational and question and answer format.

Other requirements:

  • A completed tech questionnaire (available from the CCM admissions office)
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Resume
  • Statements of educational and professional purpose

For all areas, a portfolio or organized collection of the student's theater, artistic and/or craft work is essential.


In the interview, questions the students ask are as important as the responses the student offers. This visit is also necessary for the student's exploration of our program, the facility and exposure to our students and activities.

Some important information for interviews:

  • The interview may be requested through the CCM Admissions Office or directly through the Head of TD&P.
  • There are three announced formal CCM interview dates on-campus from January through March, but special interviews may be arranged for other times. (However, be sure to confirm whether your interview is indeed formal and evaluative, or just an informal exploratory visit.)
  • Formal acceptance into the TD&P program cannot be given until the formal interview and full application procedures are complete.
  • Foreign students, where English is not the first language, must successfully pass the TOEFL examination.