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Theatre Design & Production
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CCM's Les Miserablés (2014); Direction: Aubrey Berg; Lighting Design: David LaRose

Lighting Design and Technology

The drama, and the actors themselves are unexpressive unless we can see them on stage. Great lighting design goes beyond the need for basic visibility into the realm of shadows, angles and colors as well as the subtleties of timing and rhythm. Lighting designers work closely with stage direc­tors to bring out the intent of the production through mood, atmosphere, composition and focus. Technicians must work with the sensitivity of an artist so that onstage dramatic effects and timing can be effectively communicated.

At UC’s College-Conservatory of Music (CCM), a hands-on, ex­periential philosophy guides the development of all our degree programs. Theoretical knowledge forms a solid base, but is only the beginning of the education process. A well-rounded student experience must include real production opportunities. Students in the four-year undergraduate program take studio and production courses in all areas, beginning with introductory and basic courses and progressing to advanced sequences in a major area. Additionally, students study theater history, script analysis, dramatic literature, English, world history and arts history, as well as other liberal arts and electives. Graduate students follow a similar, more special­ized structure in a two-year (or three-year) program. The balance among theater-related, academic and free- elective courses is established by NAST (National Association of Schools of Theater), which has accred­ited our programs.

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Source Fours

Professional Inventory

You will gain valuable hands-on experience working with our professional quality equipment in inventory. A selected listing of lighting gear includes:

  • Philips Vari-Lite & Martin Automated Fixtures
  • Wyrbon Color Scrollers
  • Consoles such as: ETC EOS, Element, High End Hog, Strand, etc.
  • ETC Source Four Conventional Fixtures
  • Lighting Laboratory, with Complete Fixture Inventory
  • A Fully Equipped Lighting Workshop, with Student Workstations
  • A Design and Drafting Studio with Drafting Tables
  • 4 Fully Equipped Performance Spaces
  • Pervasive Wifi Throughout the Complex