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Theatre Design & Production
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Sound Design

The CCM Sound Design program includes study of a broad array of areas within the performing arts. Although sound design depends in many ways on the supporting technology the focus of the program is on the artistic use of this technology. The work is not about the toys but about telling the story. Beginning with training in the fundamentals of sound technology and theatrical production, students advance to study the art of sound design through courses in script analysis, theatrical design, theatre history, art, music, system design and, of course, sound design itself including the designer's process and collaboration with the director and the design/production team.

The curriculum includes study of sound perception, digital audio, sound effects and music editing and reinforcement techniques. Students with a background in music and composition are encouraged to create original scores when appropriate.

The program features numerous production assignments in both drama and musical theater which may include sound operator, assistant designer, assistant mix engineer, wireless crew, mix engineer and designer. CCM offers a diverse season of shows including large-scale musicals with live orchestras, operas and dramas staged in several world-class spaces in The Corbett Center for the Performing Arts:

  • Corbett Auditorium (capacity: 730)
  • Patricia Corbett Theater (capacity: 380)
  • Cohen Family Studio Theater (capacity: ~120, but is flexible depending upon show)

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