Dec. 10 and 11, 2021, Patricia Corbett Theater, CCM Village

  • Tricia Sundbeck, director
  • Morgan Piper, stage manager
  • Natalia Carlson, lighting designer 
  • Logan Vanderpool, technical director

The CCM Youth Ballet Companies feature talented students from ages nine through adult, performing traditional and contemporary works choreographed by CCM and CCM Prep faculty.


A sincere thank you to Bay Warren and Sigrid Guemez for all their help in coordinating concessions and flower sales. Thanks also to Gwen Thoroughman for helping with costumes for La Bayadere. Our deep appreciation, admiration and thanks also goes to Ann Choe for videotaping, photographing and sewing costumes for this performance. Thank you to all the CCM Preparatory dance instructors for all you do every single day to make this program a success.

All of CCM Preparatory Ballet would like to congratulate Jonnie Lynn Jacobs-Percer on her retirement.  Jonnie Lynn has not only been our fearless leader forever, but she is our mom, best friend, an outstanding teacher, and an example on how to lead people and allow them to flourish.  Personally, I will never be able to put into words what she has given me since the day she brought me to my home that is CCM Prep.  She allows her teachers to truly care about their students and to give us the freedom to find our personal teaching voice. She is loved by every student that has had the honor of having Jonnie Lynn as their instructor... Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! - Tricia Sundbeck 

Dance Selections


  • Choreographer | Natalie Bennings, senior
  • Music | Caterpillars (of the commonwealth) by Will Connolly
  • Costumes | Courtesy of CCM Prep
  • Dancers | Arabella Bertucci, Anna Dawson, Greta Lecrone, Olivia Radecki, Isabella Thoroughman, Clara Venia, Monika Vilinsky, Katrin Vilinsky, Cenjing Wang

Dedication by Natalie Bennings 
While listening to the music, I was inspired by the story about corruption and wanted to mirror that in the piece. I want to thank my dancers for always being excited about learning new choreography. They have made rehearsals the highlight of my week. I hope you enjoy the performance! 

Musicians who perform the music in "Awaken."


  • Choreographer | Isabella Thoroughman, senior
  • Music | "Awaken" from Jane Eyre (2011) by Dario Marianelli (arranged by Mercuzio)
  • Costumes | Gwen Thoroughman
  • Dancers | Natalie Bennings, Vivi Guemez, Sawyer Grasha, Maria Kristinsdottir, Caty Leahy, Olivia Massey, Josie Mays, India Nichols, Laney Shiff, Lilyanne Thoroughman
  • Recorded Musicians (pictured above) | Dobin Park, piano; Isabella Thoroughman, flute; Lilyanne Thoroughman, violin; Theresa Orth, viola; Paul Orth, cello; Recorded by Dobin Park

Dedication by Isabella Thoroughman
This piece is dedicated to my mom, to whom I give full responsibility for my love of reading, thus inspiring this piece based on Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Her design and creation of the 10 dresses on stage made my first experience choreographing a dream come true. Without her, I would never have discovered the art form which brings me so much happiness — ballet. I dedicate this piece to my sister Lilyanne, fellow Jane Eyre fan, dancer, musician and best friend. This piece is also dedicated to the teachers of the CCM Prep Ballet Division, whose instruction, support, and kindness have forever changed my life. I will always be grateful for the years of joy they have given me through ballet.

Grande Tarantelle

  • Choreographer | Jonnie Lynn Jacobs-Percer
  • Music | Louis Moreau Gottschalk
  • Costumes  | Courtesy of CCM Prep
  • Dancers | Elke Buschbeck, Ching Stanley, Ju Ju Stojanovic, Jeremy Thomas, Yi Hsuan Tsai, Alyssa Tobin, Marilee Vanarsdall, Yiyang Lu

La Bayadere Suite

A Ballet in four acts. Book by S.N. Khudekov. Original choreography by Marius Petipa. First presented at the Maryinsky Theatre, St. Petersburg, February 4, 1877. First presented (Act 1V) in United States by the Kirov Ballet at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, September 14, 1961, with Kaleria Fedicheva as Nikiya, and Sergei Vikulov as Solor.
  • Choreographer | Thomas Bell, Ana Bird, Heather Cameron-Johnson, Isabele Elefson, Tricia Sundbeck after Marius Petipa
  • Music | Ludwig Minkus
  • Costumes | Courtesy of CCM Prep
  • "Scarf Dance" Dancers | Sawyer Grasha, Ellie Saling, Annie Siffel, Lilyanne Thoroughman, Cenjing Wang, Lila Wilmes
  • "Veil Dance" Dancers | Evelyn Huey, Victoria La Niear, Tatiana Lanier, Annie Spaeth
  • "Fan Dance" Dancers | Sawyer Grasha, Clara Novy, Ellie Saling, Annie Siffel, Cenjing Wang, Lila Wilmes
  • "Waltz" Soloist | Isabella Thoroughman (Friday),  Laney Shiff (Saturday)
  • "Waltz" Demi-Soloist | Anna Dawson, Abby Reister
  • "Waltz" Dancers | Sawyer Grasha (Friday), India Nichols, Lilyanne Thoroughman, Clara Venia, Katrin Vilinsky, Monika Vilinsky, Cenjing Wang (Saturday)
  • "Pas De Quatre 1" Dancers | Natalie Bennings, Vivi Guemez, Maria Kristinsdottir, Olivia Radecki
  • "Pas De Quatre 2" Dancers | Arabella Bertucci, Caty Leahy, Greta Lecrone, Olivia Massey
  • "Entrance of Pas De Deux" Female Principal | Laney Shiff (Friday),  Isabella Thoroughman (Saturday)
  • "Entrance of Pas De Deux" Male Principal | Antonio White
  • Adagio | Full cast
  • "Pas De Trois" Principal | Natalie Bennings
  • "Pas De Trois"  Demi-Soloists | Sawyer Grasha, Cenjing Wang
  • Pas De Trois"  Female Soloist | Isabella Thoroughman (Friday), Laney Shiff (Saturday)
  • Pas De Trois"  Male Soloist | Antonio White
  • Finale | Full Cast

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CCM Dance Series presents "Little Mermaid" April 12-14

April 4, 2024

UC College-Conservatory Music presents "Little Mermaid" on April 12-14, 2024 in Corbett Auditorium. Directed by Shauna Steele, the performance features music by David Arkenstone. Tickets on sale now through the CCM Box Office.


New CCM apparel available for purchase online

February 14, 2024

Show your school spirit this spring with official CCM apparel! New UC College-Conservatory of Music apparel is available for purchase online. CCM's Spring 2024 t-shirt and hoodie designs can be ordered online now through March 18, 2024.


In the News: CCM performs at New York's Carnegie Hall

January 16, 2024

UC College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) students and Broadway alumni took the stage at Carnegie Hall to present a one-night-only performance and fundraiser to help support the next generation of performing and media artists. The January 14 event honored CCM alumnus Stephen Flaherty while also raising money for CCM scholarships and educational initiatives.

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General Information

Box Office

Located in the CCM Atrium, the Box Office is open Monday through Friday, 12:30-6 p.m.; Saturday, noon-4 p.m.; and one hour prior to curtain for all ticketed performances. MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards are accepted.

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Convenient parking is available in the CCM Garage at the base of Corry Boulevard off of Jefferson Avenue. Additional parking is available in garages throughout the UC campus. Any questions concerning on-campus parking should be directed to UC Parking Services at 513-556-2283.

Tax Credit

If you find that you cannot attend your performance, your tickets may be donated for tax credit as a charitable contribution. Simply notify the Box Office prior to the performance to release your seats, and give your name and address. A tax donation receipt will be mailed to you.

COVID Careful

The health and safety of our community remains our top priority. Based on current conditions, performance venues will be reduced to 50% capacity and all individuals, including audience members and performers, are required to wear facial coverings indoors, following guidelines from the CDC and UC's physician-led COVID response team. Additional measures may be in place as conditions develop based on guidance from the CDC and UC's physician-led COVID response team. Visit the UC Public Health website and CCM's COVID-19 website for additional information and updates.

Lost and Found

If you have lost an item, contact lost and found at 513-556-9413.

House Policies

The House Manager has been instructed to minimize the disturbance to patrons already seated when accommodating latecomers. The director and producer of each production select times that are least likely to interrupt the performance, and latecomers will be seated only during these times. Latecomers who miss these opportunities will not be admitted until intermission. Children under the age of 6 will not be admitted.

Cameras, Phones and Recording Devices

The video or audio recording of performances is prohibited.

The use of cameras, with or without flashes, recording devices, cellular phones and other electronic devices inside the theater is prohibited. Please leave them with the House Manager.

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Smoking and refreshments are not permitted in the theater. Effective May 1, 2017, smoking and tobacco use (including chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes) shall be prohibited by students, staff, faculty, visitors, vendors and contractors at all times in or on University of Cincinnati properties, including events on university property during non-school hours. This includes all shelters, indoor and outdoor theaters and athletic facilities, bridges, walkways, sidewalks, residence halls, parking lots, and street parking and garages owned by the university.

Hearing Enhancement

Telex listening devices are available for checkout during performances in both Patricia Corbett Theater and Corbett Auditorium. Please inquire at the Box Office.

Wheelchair Seating

Wheelchair seating is available in both Corbett Auditorium and Patricia Corbett Theater. Seating is limited, so reservations should be made with the Box Office when ordering tickets. These seats are subject to availability.

Group Sales

The Box Office can accommodate groups for major productions and concerts. Preview and benefit performances are also available for some productions. For more information, call the CCM Box Office at 513-556-4183.

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CCM's faculty and staff and its state-of-the-art facilities make possible the professional training and exceptional education on which CCM believes the future of the arts relies. The school's roster of eminent faculty regularly receives distinguished honors for creative and scholarly work, and its alumni have achieved notable success in the performing and media arts. More than 150 internationally recognized faculty members work with students from around the world, specializing in eight areas of study.

Know Your Exit

Map depicting exits from Patricia Corbett Theatre

Performance dates and repertoire are subject to change. View CCM's current calendar of events.

The purpose of these performances is educational, and they are part of a University of Cincinnati academic program.