2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022
2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4, 2022
Corbett Auditorium

CCM Chamber Choir, Chorale, Concert Orchestra, UC Choruses, and Cincinnati Youth Choir

Featuring guest choirs from Lakota East High School, Sycamore High School, Walnut Hills High School, and May Festival Youth Chorus  
Featuring faculty artist Stuart Skelton, tenor
Joe Miller, L. Brett Scott, Aik Khai Pung, Reina Dickey, Isiah Maxey, Alberto de la Paz, Robyn Lana, Cheryl Kim, Daniel Parsley, Sandra Thornton and Heather Vest, conductors
Susan Hartman, Rebecca Huddilston, Ken Holdt, Anthony Nims and Matthew Swanson, guest conductors

Watch A Concert Excerpt On Demand

Musical Selections

Organ Prelude

  • Toccata on Antioch  
    Craig Phillips (b. 1961)
    Michael Dailey, organist


  • O Come, O Come, Emmanuel 
    Claire Long, soloist (Saturday)
    Sage Bushstone, soloist (Sunday)

CCM Chorale

  • Brightest and Best 
    arr. Shawn Kirchner (b. 1970)
    Christin Sears, conductor 
    Michael Delfin, accompanist 

  • Festival First Nowell 
    arr. Dan Forrest (b. 1978)
    Landon Scriber, conductor

Audience Sing

  • O Come All Ye Faithful 
    arr. David Willcocks (1919-2015)
    Andrew Nash, conductor

Cincinnati Youth Choir: Con Brio - Saturday, Dec. 3

  • No Golden Carriage, No Bright Toy 
    Gilbert Martin (b. 1941) 

  • Who I Want to Be 
    Coty Raven Morris, arr. Saleel Menon 

  • In Bethlehem Town 
    Douglas E. Wagner (b. 1952) 

    Cheryl Kim, conductor
    Eunhwa Lee, accompanist

Cincinnati Youth Choir: Voci - Sunday, Dec. 4

  • Glow 
    Eric Whitacre (b. 1970) 

  • Lo, How a Rose/The Rose 
    arr. Craig Hella Johnson (b. 1962) 

    Daniel Parsley, conductor
    Eunhwa Lee, accompanist

Sycamore High School - 2 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3

  • I Saw Three Ships 
    arr. John Leavitt (b. 1956) 

  • Still, Still, Still 
    arr. Norman Luboff (1917-1987) 

  • Variations on Jingle Bells 
    arr. Mark Hayes (b. 1953) 

    Ken Holdt, conductor
    Therese Sutula, accompanist

Lakota East High School – 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 3

  • All That Hath Life and Breath Praise Ye the Lord 
    René Clausen (b. 1953) 

  • Star Carol 
    John Rutter (b. 1945) 

  • Jingle Bells 
    arr. Ed Lojeski

    Rebecca Huddilston and Susan Hartman, conductors

Walnut Hills High School – 2 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4

  • Glory, Glory, Glory to the Newborn King 
    arr. Moses Hogan (1957-2003) 

  • Nations Shall Not Lift Up a Sword Against Nation (from Dona Nobis Pacem
    Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
    Ella Vaughn, soprano

    Anthony Nims, conductor
    Marie-France LeFebvre, accompanist

May Festival Youth Chorus – 5 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 4

  • E La Don Don (from Dos Villancicos de Navidad
    Cancionero de Upsala (pub. 1556) 

  • Peace on Earth 
    Errollyn Wallen (b. 1958) 

  • The Man with the Bag 
    arr. Steve Milloy (b. 1965)

    Matthew Swanson, conductor
    David Kirkendall, accompanist

Audience Sing

  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing 
    Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847), arr. David Willcocks (1919-2015)
    Liyao Yu, conductor

Cincinnati Youth Choir: Combinato – Saturday, Dec. 3

  • Sing With Joy, Sing Noel! (Personent Hodie) 
    arr. Brad Printz 

  • In the Bleak Midwinter 
    Gustav Holst (1874-1934), arr. Valerie Shields  

  • Joy in Jerusalem 
    arr. Phyllis Aleta Wolfe

    Sandra Thornton, conductor
    Caitlyn McGlynn, assistant conductor
    Rachel Bystry, accompanist

Cincinnati Youth Choir Alumni: Voci di Amici – Sunday, Dec. 4

  • Let All the World in Every Corner Sing 
    Andrea Ramsey (b. 1977) 

  • All the Way Home 
    Sarah Quartel (b. 1982)

    Robyn Lana, conductor
    Emily Clements, accompanist

UC Choruses

  • This Christmas 
    Donny Hathaway (1945-1979) and Nadine McKinnor (b. 1941), arr. Roger Emerson (b. 1950) 

  • Hallelujah (from Handel’s Messiah: A Soulful Celebration
    G.F. Handel (1685-1759), arr. Mervyn Warren (b. 1964), Michael O. Jackson, and Mark Kibble (b. 1964), adapted by John Higgins

    Reina Dickey, Isiah Maxey and Alberto de la Paz, conductors
    Brooks Salloum, bass
    Jeremy Myint, drums
    Nathan Smith and RongLu Tang, accompanists

Audience Sing

  • God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen 
    arr. David Willcocks (1919-2015)
    Alberto de la Paz, conductor

Cincinnati Youth Choir: Bel Canto

  • Sing Out, My Soul 
    Marques Garrett (b. 1984) 

  • Spes 
    Mia Makaroff (b. 1970) 

  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas 
    Jason Webb *premier performance 

    Robyn Lana, conductor
    Eunhwa Lee, accompanist

CCM Chamber Choir

  • Schlaf, Jesus (from Zwei Weihnachtswiegenlieder
    Valentin Silvestrov (b. 1937)
    Lauryn Davis and Maren Hrivnak, soloists 

  • Softly 
    Will Todd (b. 1970) 

  • Tomorrow shall be my dancing day 
    arr. David Willcocks (1919-2015)
    Joe Miller, conductor

Audience Sing

  • Silver Bells 
    Jay Livingston (1915-2001) and Ray Evans (1915-2007)
  • White Christmas 
    Irving Berlin (1888-1989) 

  • Jingle Bells 
    James Lord Pierpont (1822-1893)
    Harry Cecil, conductor

Combined Choirs

  • Joy to the World: a Christmas Suite 
    arr. Ryan James Brandau (b. 1981)
    Stuart Skelton, tenor
    Joe Miller, conductor

About CCM Choral

CCM’s Choral Studies Program is internationally recognized for more than 50 years of excellence in training conductors and singers for successful, lifelong careers in the choral arts. Our choral ensembles are proud to offer transformative musical experiences for singers and audiences through performances ranging from acclaimed staged productions to presentations of contemporary works.

About Cincinnati Youth Choir

Cincinnati Youth Choir is the Queen City’s premier youth choral ensemble program, in-residence at University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music. Through CCM Prep, CYC’s educationally-based organization oversees a portfolio of:

  • Six resident touring choirs
  • Seven CPS, in-school choirs
  • Three nationally-attended summer education festivals
  • Two “top-ranked” education & engagement programs (Chorus America, 2018)

Cincinnati Youth Choir’s learning environments are explorative, supportive, and fun. Our resident and in-school choirs have engaged thousands of Cincinnati youth through musicianship and vocal development and outstanding artistry. Inspired by the innovative El Sistema model, CYC also manages the city’s Cincinnati Choral Academy, a free after-school program serving over 200 CPS students, in collaboration with Cincinnati May Festival and Vocal Arts Ensemble (VAE), operating within a “participatory environment in which students and teachers learn and lead, together.” 

Over the past 30 years, CYC singers have formed lasting relationships with children outside their communities and developed a lifelong appreciation of choral music. Boasting an impressive international reputation, CYC singers have toured globally in Italy, Japan, China, Scandinavia, The United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and Canada. CYC also holds the title of Gold Medal Youth Choir in 2012’s World Choir Games. 

About Guest Choirs

Lakota East High School

Rebecca Huddilston and Susan Hartman, directors

Eastside Voices is the top mixed ensemble at Lakota East High School, located in Liberty Township, Ohio. Eastside Voices is a select group of Juniors and Seniors who not only perform as an ensemble, but also perform in various outside choirs and theatre stages. The choir has achieved superior performances in many OMEA adjudicated events and National Festivals throughout the mid-west and in Ohio. Eastside Voices also has performed at the annual holiday concert with the West Chester Symphony for 11 years and continues sharing their talents with other audiences throughout the community. We would like to thank Joe Miller, music faculty, and CCM for the distinct honor of participating in this year's Feast of Carols.

May Festival Youth Chorus

Matthew Swanson, director

The May Festival Youth Chorus connects, inspires, and educates young people through the study and performance of choral music.  Since its founding in 1987, the Youth Chorus has appeared annually at the May Festival, performing choral-orchestral works with the May Festival Chorus, Cincinnati Symphony and Pops Orchestras, and an international cast of conductors and soloists. Youth Chorus members receive high-level training from skilled choral leaders and annually give world premiere performances of new works. Membership in the Youth Chorus is entirely cost free, and new members in grades 8-12 of all voice types are always welcome. The Youth Chorus is grateful to Joe Miller, Brett Scott, and the CCM Choral Studies program for their generous invitation.

Sycamore High School

Ken Holdt, director

Select Ensemble is the top auditioned ensemble at Sycamore High School. The choir has enjoyed collaborating with local universities and professional groups across the region and beyond: iconic rock band Foreigner, country music artist Eric Church, and actor Whoopi Goldberg, among others. Select Ensemble will join the Cincinnati Pops for the Holiday Pops performance series at Music Hall this season. This group consistently earns Superior ratings at OMEA district and state adjudicated events. Members are honored, grateful, and excited to return to CCM's Feast of Carols.

Walnut Hills High School

Anthony Nims, director

Vocal Ensemble is the varsity-level choir at Walnut Hills High School. Ranging from 60 to 80 singers, they perform large choral/orchestral works annually and are frequent guests at events around the city. They have sung at Feast of Carols, Sing for a Cause, Christ Church Cathedral, the Mercantile Library, Saint John the Divine Cathedral in NYC, and Westminster Choir College in Princeton, NJ, and have performed with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. At OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Events, they regularly receive a superior rating at the AA level. Biannually, they tour New York City over spring break.

It was no coincidence that, in 2012, Cincinnati was chosen as the first American city to host the World Choir Games

Music for All Seasons


CCM Chamber Choir Roster

Joe Miller, music director and conductor

Matthew Lee and Matthew Swope, graduate assistant conductors


  • Audrey Baek
  • Elise Byard
  • Lauryn Davis
  • Maren Hrivnak
  • Olivia Knutsen
  • Laura Stanell
  • Gabrielle Turgeon
  • Audrey Weber


  • Rachael Bell
  • Caitlin Chisham
  • Reina Dickey
  • Salleigh Harvey
  • Maya McGuire
  • Sam Pape
  • Elizabeth Reyna
  • Liyao Yu


  • Carlos Ahrens
  • Desmond Bunting
  • Zach Burnham
  • Alberto De La Paz Canel
  • Alex Gushrowski
  • Nick Metry
  • Matthew Swope
  • Tristan Tournaud


  • Harry Cecil
  • Joshua Goines
  • Ryan Henry
  • Trevor Kroeger
  • Matthew Lee
  • Isiah Maxey
  • Andrew Nash
  • Will Ryan
  • Nathan Smith
  • Emilio Vasquez
  • Caden Williams

CCM Chorale Roster

Brett Scott, music director and conductor

Landon Scriber and Christin Sears, graduate assistant conductors


  • Lauren Albano
  • Grace Devoid
  • Sydney Hanlon
  • Sydney Horan
  • Olivia Macina
  • Natalie Mastali
  • Cynthia Morris
  • Lea Nayak
  • Allie Raia
  • Lily Rollison
  • Christin Sears
  • Sadie Storts
  • Holly Thiemann
  • Alison Weber
  • Leah Yackanech


  • Torie Davis
  • Eleanor Eyre
  • Gretha Fergus
  • Alexzandra Foitzik
  • Christina Gong
  • Grace Graham
  • Millicent Houston
  • Xiaoman Liu
  • Talor Marren
  • Katie Menster
  • Jadyn Riggs
  • Nia Spaulding
  • Emilee Warne
  • Seohee Yang


  • Mark Behrendt
  • Valerie Dreith
  • Dean Haynes
  • Caleb Robinson
  • Grant Shields
  • Isaiah Wright


  • John Depinet
  • Sam Dhobhany
  • Filivos Gkatzios
  • Daniel Grotz
  • Joshua Klein
  • Lucas Maceroni
  • AJ Matson
  • John Potvin
  • Landon Scriber

UC Choruses Roster

Reina Dickey and Isiah Maxey, conductors

Alberto de la Paz, assistant conductor


  • Natalie Bennings
  • Sasha Cohn
  • Grace Devoid
  • Margarita Elias
  • Nicole Evans
  • Ruth Galberg
  • Alexa Harper
  • DaSiyah Hawes
  • Olivia Kelsey
  • Emmaline Kiser
  • Audrey Lanier
  • Hannah Oliver
  • Jordan Rothan
  • Savanna Silver
  • Trinity Tobe
  • McKenzie Ward
  • Yoon Jeong Won


  • Amaya Boyd
  • Elyse Bullen
  • Eunbi Cho
  • Mira Desai
  • Katie Doll
  • Chloe Freeman
  • Rory Hefner-Templar
  • Samaria Hill
  • Leah Joseph
  • Grace Kirk
  • Kate Lutz
  • Lauren McClain
  • Elizabeth McCullough
  • DeJah Pickett
  • Sydnie Rhone
  • Sarah Singer
  • Carrie Slusher
  • Haley Zaker


  • Sean Cornett Hubbard
  • Jim Creamer
  • Christion Daniel
  • Dominic Moretti
  • Nicholas Pham-Rider
  • Chris Valaski


  • Terris Bates
  • Edward Bender
  • Jim Creamer
  • Andy Ferdelman
  • Corbin Grantham
  • Bryan Hofacre
  • Brennan McCoy
  • Noah Moorhouse
  • Carter Schmidt
  • Benjamin Seamon
  • Yousef Shamma
  • Joseph Ulmer
  • Leendert Van’t Riet
  • Caleb Ward
  • Adam Wolshire
  • Ben Zimpfer

Cincinnati Youth Choir Bel Canto

Robyn Lana, director

Cheryl Kim, assistant director

Liyao Yu, Richard W. Wesp assistant director

  • Julia Allgeyer
  • Zayne Armstrong
  • Zoey Beagle
  • Anna Burger
  • Sage Bushstone
  • Timothy Carnahan
  • Kenna Cornish Scott
  • Sophie Corwin
  • Thanh-Tam Dao
  • Khushi Dayal
  • Bethany Foister
  • Maryann Foister
  • Ella Giesler
  • Kennedi Grayer
  • Caitlin Hartley
  • Ashley Havlin
  • Ruth Ann Hornsby
  • Georgia Horton
  • Claire Jeffreys
  • Amara Johnson
  • Amrutha Juluri
  • Claire Long
  • Raegan Louis
  • Victoria Louis
  • Emily Lynch
  • Mina Mader
  • Kara McLaughlin
  • Carolyn Sagel
  • Anika Saladi
  • Noelle Sanderson
  • Veronica Schackmann
  • Lucy Schrager
  • Adilee Schuckman
  • Sana Shyam
  • Chloe Siekman
  • Carson Smedley
  • Lily Stewart
  • Kieran Thornton
  • Lucy Toomey
  • Natalie Ward
  • Edie Wolfer
  • Priyanka Yenugu

Cincinnati Youth Choir: Combinato

Sandra Thornton, director

Caitlyn Lana McGlynn, assistant conductor

  • Maya Antonacci Righi
  • Asmi Batte
  • Adelaide Blocher
  • Sylvie Dean
  • Kassiani Eble
  • Yolihuani Fisher
  • Hannah Foister
  • Faith Hamzy
  • Mikaela Harris
  • Malini Hayes
  • Morgan Hemsath
  • Jazmyne Herring
  • Ella Kim
  • Kishan King
  • Nora Kiradjieff
  • Peyton MacDonald
  • Ava Maly
  • Colin Marratta
  • Lucia Miramonti
  • Frances Moothart
  • Sonia Nagar
  • Carla Pacheco
  • Naya Patel
  • Elliot Rack
  • Millie Rich
  • Ethan Schehl
  • Manda Schwartz
  • Zela Smith
  • Isaac Vest
  • Hailey Wise
  • Lily Yi
  • Ava Zhang

Cincinnati Youth Choir: Con Brio

Cheryl Kim, director

Liyao Yu, Richard W. Wesp assistant director

  • Jasmine Austin
  • Caraline Barnett
  • Annabelle Brumback
  • Ben Brumback
  • Madelyn Cahill
  • Caiden Carrick
  • Cole Compton
  • Lucy Dixon
  • Victoria Guo
  • Molly Harris
  • Vivian Hermes
  • Elijah Johnson
  • Amrutha Juluri
  • Charles Lawson
  • Naomi Madaris
  • Christopher Martin
  • Aziah Miles
  • Reilly Murphy
  • Shaili Shah
  • Mabel Smith
  • Jena Southcombe
  • Genevieve Stevenson
  • Garrett Thornton

Cincinnati Youth Choir Alumni Voci di Amici

Robyn Lana, director

  • Kelly Slatterly Adkins
  • Emily Albers
  • Robin Behlow
  • Dariah Brown
  • Roxanna Canipe
  • Mollie Cappel
  • Temple Corbett 
  • Kieran DelVecchio
  • Julia Fabrizi
  • Alexis Gabbard
  • Amanda Gast
  • Samantha Hauser
  • Jennifer Harris-Davidson
  • Holly Horner
  • Veronica Langmyer
  • Meghan Leigh
  • Rebekah Mabalot
  • Evan Mathis
  • Caitlyn Lana McGlynn
  • Karishma O'Brien-Cisneros
  • Hollyn Orr
  • Maya Parks
  • Emily Romick
  • Savannah Schwartz
  • Abby Sherrard
  • Laurynn Smith
  • Elizabeth Yocum

Cincinnati Youth Choir: Voci

Daniel Parsley, director

Liyao Yu, Richard W. Wesp assistant director

  • Keith Allred
  • Zayne Armstrong
  • Gabriel Bazin
  • Zoey Beagle
  • Anna Burger
  • Cameron Carnahan
  • Timothy Carnahan
  • Aidan Dorman
  • Jake Goldstein
  • Ashley Havlin
  • Ruth Ann Hornsby
  • Raegan Louis
  • Emily Lynch
  • Ahalya Nambiar
  • Alvin Oshiotse
  • Martin Powers
  • Arjun Rajagopala
  • Carson Smedley
  • Lucy Toomey
  • Halle Tyng

CCM Concert Orchestra Roster

Aik Khai Pung, conductor

Violin 1

  • Zhonghua Zuo, concertmaster
  • Ethan Forman
  • Kerrigan Mandrell
  • Beibei Liu
  • Piper Vance
  • Maggie Wilcox
  • Junjung Hang
  • Chonghua Zuo*

Violin 2

  • Jason Cólon, principal
  • Jiye Li, assist.
  • Rachel Elfman
  • Christine Park
  • Letian Feng
  • Zisheng Gao


  • Yufeng Lin, principal
  • Shengyu Cao, assist.
  • Chenxi Yuan
  • Aidan Knox
  • Wenjie Yang


  • Julia Gaines, principal
  • Jamie Clark
  • Ellie Wirthlin


  • Eric Reigelsperger, principal
  • Riley Foos
  • Eric Reigelsperger*

Flute I

  • Maddie Choi

Flute II

  • Allison Clifford

Oboe I

  • Issac Lookado

Oboe II/English Horn

  • Qiming Sheng

Clarinet I

  • Jason Wilcox

Clarinet II/Bass Clarinet

  • Rachel Beil

Bassoon I

  • Kyle Sodman

Bassoon II

  • Zoë SirLouis

Horn I

  • Joe Muhl
  • Joseph Bagdovitz^

Horn II

  • Bri Ihasz

Horn III

  • Grace Kim

Horn IV

  • Cole Toothaker

Trumpet I

  • Gabriel Curtis

Trumpet II

  • Antwan Hill^

Trumpet III

  • Alex Lenhart^

Trombone I

  • Gabriel Gilliland

Trombone II

  • Alec Yeaste^

Bass Trombone

  • Sean Reynolds


  • Caroline Habig^


  • EJ Busby


  • Sanlou Wei
  • Ryan Donahue
  • Jacob Hess
  • Zhongzihan Li
  • Justin Kulka
  • Nick Smith

*Performs during Brightest and Best

^Performs during Festival First Nowell

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CCM News


Donate instruments at LINKS drive on May 10-11

May 6, 2024

Through the Lonely Instruments for Needy Kids (LINKS) program, you can donate your used band or orchestra instrument to a young musician who cannot afford to rent or purchase their own. The LINKS instrument donation drive is at 10 a.m.-4 p.m. this Friday, May 10, and Saturday, May 11 2024, at any Willis Music or Buddy Rogers Music location. A project of CCMpower in partnership with Willis Music and Buddy Roger’s Music, LINKS began in 1994 as the brainchild of CCM alumnus Bill Harvey (BM Music Education, 1971). The owner of Buddy Roger’s Music, Harvey wanted to fill the need for students whose parents were unable to buy, rent or borrow an instrument. The solution was to create a “recycling program” for musical instruments.


CCM alumnus wins 2024 Solti Conducting Award

May 6, 2024

UC College-Conservatory of Music alumnus François López-Ferrer (BM Composition, ‘12) is the recipient of the prestigious Sir Georg Solti Conducting Award, awarded annually to a promising American conductor 36 years of age or younger. One of the largest of its kind, it provides essential career guidance, industry connections and a cash award of $30,000 to aid grant recipients as they further hone the skills of their craft.


Information Security Roadshow spreads awareness

May 3, 2024

The University of Cincinnati's Office of Information Security launched a series of 18 in-person sessions from January to April 2024, drawing nearly 350 attendees from the staff of various UC colleges and units. The Information Security Roadshow series aimed to equip the audience with knowledge on prevailing cyber threats, prevention strategies, how to report incidents and resources to stay informed and secure.

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