7:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 16, 2022, Corbett Auditorium

CCM Philharmonia, Chamber Choir, Chorale and UC Choruses

Mark Gibson, music director and conductor 
Joe Miller, music director and conductor

The CCM Philharmonia opens its 2022-23 season with former Guggenheim Fellow Nkeiru Okoye’s Voices Shouting Out, which the composer wrote in response to 9/11. In her words, “it was a march to acknowledge those fighting on behalf of our safety, and yet a sparkling celebration of life for those who continue living.” Then CCM choirs and UC Choruses join the orchestra for Brahms’ Schicksalslied (Song of Destiny) and Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 68. 

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Musical Selections


  • Voices Shouting Out (2002)
    Nkeiru Okoye (b. 1972)
  • “Nimrod,” Variation IX from Variations on an Original Theme Op. 36 “Enigma” (1899)
    Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
    In memory of Maestro Larry Rachleff and Maestro Bramwell Tovey
  • Schicksalslied, Op. 54 (1871)
    Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
    • I. Adagio: Ihr wandelt droben im Licht
    • II. Allegro: Doch uns ist gegeben
    • III. Adagio
  • Symphony No. 1 in C Minor, Op. 68 (1876)
    Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
    • I. Un poco sostenuto – Allegro – Meno Allegro
    • II. Andante sostenuto
    • III. Un poco Allegretto e grazioso
    • IV. Adagio – Più Andante – Allegro non troppo, ma con brio – Più Allegro

About CCM Philharmonia

The CCM Philharmonia, under the direction of Professor and CCM Director of Orchestral Studies Mark Gibson, is recognized as one of the world’s elite conservatory orchestras. The breadth of each season’s concert series rivals many of the world’s great performing organizations, and the Philharmonia presents a body of repertoire that encompasses more than what most conservatories venture to program. The close bond between the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and CCM’s orchestral program invigorates student conductors and instrumentalists alike, and CCM’s commitment to high standards enriches the cultural life of Greater Cincinnati. 

About CCM Choral

CCM's Choral Studies Program is internationally recognized for more than 50 years of excellence in training conductors for successful, lifelong careers in the choral arts. Our choral ensembles are proud to offer transformative musical experiences for singers and audiences. CCM has delighted multiple generations of music lovers with the concerts presented by its five choral ensembles: the 32-voice Chamber Choir, 45-voice Chorale, 30-voice Chamber Singers, Vox Antiqua — a select vocal/instrumental ensemble dedicated to Medieval, Renaissance and early Baroque music — and 100-voice UC Men's and UC Women's Choruses. Performances range from acclaimed staged productions presented in collaboration with CCM’s Opera Department to presentations of contemporary works like David Lang’s Little Match Girl Passion and Tan Dun’s Water Passion after St. Matthew.

the flair and technique of a professional ensemble

Rafael's Music Notes


Philharmonia Roster

Mark Gibson, music director


Violin I

  • Cassidy Franzmeier, concertmaster
  • Sarah Becker, assistant concertmaster
  • Yue Yang
  • Ava Shedd
  • Yu-Ting Chiu
  • Sejin Byun
  • Natalie Orth
  • Zhe Xiao
  • Alayne Wagner
  • Gabby Sewell
  • Amelia Korbitz
  • Danbi Choi
  • KayCee Galano

Violin II

  • Ashtin Johnson, co-principal
  • Clara Brown, co-principal
  • Yasmine Bougacha
  • Skylar Hansen
  • Emma Joyce
  • Yinyin Sun
  • Ju-Young Lee
  • Andrew Smeader
  • Kiran Rajamani
  • Madeline Moore
  • Rafael Roig-Francoli


  • Cristian Diaz, co-principal
  • Tyler McKisson, co-principal
  • Matthias Young
  • Emily Stegmuller
  • Nathaniel Sendi
  • Peng-Huei Shen
  • Melissa Peraza
  • Lauryn Koeppel
  • Lila Reeser
  • Yue Qin
  • Brianna Barta
  • Celeste Meisel


  • Jacqueline Pegis, co-principal
  • Jon Kovac, co-principal
  • Abigail Leidy
  • Lucas Orth
  • Samantha Powell
  • Anna Macintosh
  • Liam Battle
  • Luis Parra
  • Hye-Jeong Oh


  • Peter Kim, co-principal
  • Lorenzo Nigrelli, co-principal
  • Peter McCutcheon
  • Brooks Salloum
  • Lydia Young
  • Hollie Greenwood 1 
  • Kaleb Collins
  • Taiga Benito
  • Nick Blackburn
  • Corey Watzek


  • Katie Frazier 1
  • Lauren Jett 3
  • Yian Liu 4
  • Caitlyn Lyerly 2


  • Leo De La Cruz 4
  • Ben Goodly 1, 2, 3
  • Laura Ruple
  • Angela Shaver
  • Elena Suárez Davila


  • Citlalmina Hernandez Toro 3
  • Marian Mayen 4
  • Joey Miller 2
  • Tyler Song 1


  • Bryan Benson
  • Kathleen Moran 3
  • Jordan Moreno 1,2
  • Taylor Shorey 4


  • Tristan Burns 3
  • Jonathan Chiou 2
  • Jacob Speakman
  • Elena Varon 1
  • Sarah Yarbrough 4


  • Joe Keller 2
  • Mary Maule 4
  • Kole Pantuso 1
  • David Riggs 3


  • W. Dalton Hurst 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Madison Smith

Bass Trombone

  • Wenze Li


  • Laurenz Oriondo


  • Madeline Arney

Percussion/ Timpani

  • Marie Conti
  • Jacob Ottmer
  • Jett Stevens
  • Yudong Wang
  • Jun Zheng

Graduate Assistants

  • Stephan Fillare
  • Stephen Hardie
  • Brian McCann
  • Hannah Schendel


  • Liam Gibb
  • Citlalmina Hernandez Toro

1 denotes principal player in Okoye

2 denotes principal player in Elgar

3 denotes principal player in Brahms: Schicksalslied

4 denotes principal player in Brahms: Symphony No. 1

Combined CCM Chamber Choir, CCM Chorale and UC Choruses Roster

Joe Miller, music director and conductor of CCM Chamber Choir

Brett Scott, music director and conductor of CCM Chorale

Reina Dickey and Isiah Maxey, music directors and conductors of UC Choruses


  • Lauren Albano
  • Audrey Baek
  • Natalie Bennings
  • Elise Byard
  • Sasha Cohn
  • Lauryn Davis
  • Grace Devoid
  • Margarita Elias
  • Nicole Evans
  • Ruth Galberg
  • Christina Gong
  • Sydney Hanlon
  • Alexa Harper
  • Maren Hrivnak
  • Olivia Knutsen
  • Olivia Kelsey
  • Audrey Lanier
  • Olivia Macina
  • Natalie Mastali
  • Sydney Morris
  • Léa Nayak
  • Hannah Oliver
  • Allie Raia
  • Lily Rollison
  • Jordan Rothan
  • Christin Sears
  • Savanna Silver
  • Laura Stanell
  • Sade Storts
  • Holly Thiemann
  • Trinity Tobe
  • Gabrielle Turgeon
  • Alison Ward
  • Alison Weber
  • Audrey Weber
  • Yoon Jeong Won
  • Leah Yackanech


  • Rachael Bell
  • Amaya Boyd
  • Elyse Bullen
  • Shiyang Chen
  • Eunbi Cho
  • Caitlin Chisham
  • Torie Davis
  • Mira Desai
  • Reina Dickey
  • Katie Doll
  • Eleanor Eyre
  • Gretha Fergus
  • Alexandria Foitzik
  • Chloe Freeman
  • Grace Graham
  • Salleigh Harvey
  • DaSiyah Hawes
  • Rory Hefner-Templar
  • Samaria Hill
  • Millicent Houston
  • Leah Joseph
  • Grace Kirk
  • Xiaoman Liu
  • Kate Lutz
  • Talor Marren
  • Katie Menster
  • Lauren McClain
  • Elizabeth McCullough
  • Maya McGuire
  • Sam Pape
  • DeJah Pickett
  • Liz Reyna
  • Sydnie Rhone
  • Jadyn Riggs
  • Sarah Singer
  • Carrie Slusher
  • Nia Spaulding
  • Melanie Stammen
  • Emilee Warne
  • Seohee Yang
  • Liyao Yu
  • Haley Zaker


  • Carlos Ahrens
  • Mark Behrendt
  • Desmond Bunting
  • Zach Burnham
  • Alberto De La Paz Canel
  • Sean Cornett Hubbard
  • Christion Daniel
  • Josh Devine
  • Valerie Dreith
  • Corbin Grantham
  • Alex Gushrowski
  • Dean Haynes
  • Nick Metry
  • Dominic Moretti
  • Benjamin McKee
  • Nicholas Pham-Rider
  • Caleb Robinson
  • Grant Shields
  • Matthew Swope
  • Dalan Toups
  • Tristan Tournaud
  • Joseph Ulmer
  • Chris Valaski
  • Isaiah Wright
  • Sam Yousuf


  • Andy Bakun
  • Terris Bates
  • Edward Bender
  • Harry Cecil
  • Jim Creamer
  • John Depinet
  • Sam Dhobhany
  • Andy Ferdelman
  • Filivos Gkatzios
  • Josh Goines
  • Daniel Grotz
  • Nick Gundrum
  • Ryan Henry
  • Josh Klein
  • Trevor Kroeger
  • Matthew Lee
  • Lucas Maceroni
  • AJ Matson
  • Isiah Maxey
  • Noah Moorhouse
  • Brennan McCoy
  • Andrew Nash
  • John Potvin
  • Will Ryan
  • Carter Schmidt
  • Landon Scriber
  • Benjamin Seamon
  • Yousef Shamma
  • Nathan Smith
  • Leendert Van’t Riet
  • Emilio Vasquez
  • Caleb Ward
  • Caden Williams
  • Adam Wolshire
  • Ben Zimpfer

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US Coast Guard Band's 'Heartland Harmonies' tour presents...

May 20, 2024

The United States Coast Guard Band brings its "Heartland Harmonies" concert tour to UC's College-Conservatory of Music on Tuesday, June 25, 2024. The free concert is presented in Corbett Auditorium as part of the band's tour through the American South and Midwest regions for public performances and educational outreach.


Donate instruments at LINKS drive on May 10-11

May 6, 2024

Through the Lonely Instruments for Needy Kids (LINKS) program, you can donate your used band or orchestra instrument to a young musician who cannot afford to rent or purchase their own. The LINKS instrument donation drive is at 10 a.m.-4 p.m. this Friday, May 10, and Saturday, May 11 2024, at any Willis Music or Buddy Rogers Music location. A project of CCMpower in partnership with Willis Music and Buddy Roger’s Music, LINKS began in 1994 as the brainchild of CCM alumnus Bill Harvey (BM Music Education, 1971). The owner of Buddy Roger’s Music, Harvey wanted to fill the need for students whose parents were unable to buy, rent or borrow an instrument. The solution was to create a “recycling program” for musical instruments.

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The competitive scholarships CCMpower provides help attract and retain the best and brightest students, nurture professional development opportunities and – in turn – continue CCM’s tradition of excellence for the next generation of student-artists. Join or renew your CCMpower membership today to help provide critical scholarship funds.

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General Information

Land Acknowledgment

The Cincinnati area and the land that the University of Cincinnati has been built on is the native homeland of the Indigenous Algonquian speaking tribes, including the Delaware, Miami, and Shawnee tribes.

Box Office

Located in the CCM Atrium, the Box Office is open Monday through Friday, 12:30-6 p.m.; Saturday, noon-4 p.m.; and one hour prior to curtain for all ticketed performances. MasterCard, Visa and Discover cards are accepted.

  • Location: CCM Atrium Lobby next to Corbett Auditorium
  • Telephone: 513-556-4183
  • Email:
  • Mail: CCM Box Office, P.O. Box 210003, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0003


Convenient parking is available in the CCM Garage at the base of Corry Boulevard off of Jefferson Avenue. Additional parking is available in garages throughout the UC campus. Any questions concerning on-campus parking should be directed to UC Parking Services at 513-556-2283.

Tax Credit

If you find that you cannot attend your performance, your tickets may be donated for tax credit as a charitable contribution. Simply notify the Box Office prior to the performance to release your seats, and give your name and address. A tax donation receipt will be mailed to you.

Lost and Found

If you have lost an item, contact lost and found at 513-556-9413.

House Policies

The House Manager has been instructed to minimize the disturbance to patrons already seated when accommodating latecomers. The director and producer of each production select times that are least likely to interrupt the performance, and latecomers will be seated only during these times. Latecomers who miss these opportunities will not be admitted until intermission. Children under the age of 6 will not be admitted.

Cameras, Phones and Recording Devices

The video or audio recording of performances is prohibited.

The use of cameras, with or without flashes, recording devices, cellular phones and other electronic devices inside the theater is prohibited. Please leave them with the House Manager.

Smoking and Refreshments

Smoking and refreshments are not permitted in the theater. Effective May 1, 2017, smoking and tobacco use (including chewing tobacco and electronic cigarettes) shall be prohibited by students, staff, faculty, visitors, vendors and contractors at all times in or on University of Cincinnati properties, including events on university property during non-school hours. This includes all shelters, indoor and outdoor theaters and athletic facilities, bridges, walkways, sidewalks, residence halls, parking lots, and street parking and garages owned by the university.

Hearing Enhancement

Telex listening devices are available for checkout during performances in both Patricia Corbett Theater and Corbett Auditorium. Please inquire at the Box Office.

Wheelchair Seating

Wheelchair seating is available in both Corbett Auditorium and Patricia Corbett Theater. Seating is limited, so reservations should be made with the Box Office when ordering tickets. These seats are subject to availability.

Group Sales

The Box Office can accommodate groups for major productions and concerts. Preview and benefit performances are also available for some productions. For more information, call the CCM Box Office at 513-556-4183.

CCM Faculty and Staff

CCM's faculty and staff and its state-of-the-art facilities make possible the professional training and exceptional education on which CCM believes the future of the arts relies. The school's roster of eminent faculty regularly receives distinguished honors for creative and scholarly work, and its alumni have achieved notable success in the performing and media arts. More than 150 internationally recognized faculty members work with students from around the world, specializing in eight areas of study.

Know Your Exit

Corbett Auditorium emergency exits are located at the back left and right of the balcony level, the back left and right of the main floor level, and at the left and right at the front of the stage.

Performance dates and repertoire are subject to change. View CCM's current calendar of events.

The purpose of these performances is educational, and they are part of a University of Cincinnati academic program.