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Miguel A. Roig-Francoli

Title: Distinguished Teaching Professor of Music Theory and Composition
Office: 4225J Emery Hall
Tel: 513-556-1821

Miguel Roig-Francolí, Ph.D., Distinguished Teaching Professor of Music Theory and Composition, has been recognized internationally for his work as a music theorist, composer, musicologist and pedagogue. His research interests include Renaissance instrumental music and history of theory, the music of Tomás Luis de Victoria, twentieth-century music, and music theory pedagogy. At CCM, he regularly teaches history of theory, sixteenth-century counterpoint, post-tonal theory, music theory pedagogy, and a seminar on the analysis of early music. He is the author of Harmony in Context (McGraw-Hill, 2nd edn., 2011) and Understanding Post-Tonal Music (McGraw-Hill, 2007; Chinese translation, Beijing: People's Music Publishing House, 2012).  He has published over twenty articles and reviews in Music Theory Spectrum, Journal of Music Theory, Early Music, Revista de Musicología, Notes, Indiana Theory Review, Journal of Musicological Research, College Music Symposium, Analisi: Rivista de Teoria e Pedagogia Musicale, New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Diccionario de la música española e hispanoamericana, and several collections of essays. He has presented papers at numerous conferences, including several annual meetings of the Society for Music Theory, American Musicological Society, and Music Theory Midwest. Roig-Francolí has also taught at the Eastman School of Music, Northern Illinois University, Indiana University, and Ithaca College, and has been invited to lecture internationally at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Shanghai Conservatory, and EAFIT University in Colombia. He is currently on the editorial board for the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy.

Roig-Francolí’s compositions have been widely performed in Spain, England, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Colombia, France, and the U.S., including a 2013 monographic chamber concert at Weill Hall (Carnegie Hall), and he has held commissions from the National Orchestra and Chorus of Spain, Spanish National Radio, Fundación Juan March, Rawlins Piano Trio, Institut Ramon Llull, and the Foundation for Iberian Music (CUNY). His compositions are published by EMEC, Piles, Fundación Juan March (Madrid), and Perennis Music Publishing. Among his many honors are first prize at the National Composition Competition of the Spanish Jeunesses Musicales (1981) and second prize at the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers (Paris, 1982), both for Five Pieces for Orchestra; the Dean’s Dissertation Prize, Indiana University (1991); the Dana Research Fellow Award, Ithaca College (1992); grants from the US-Spain Joint Committee for Cultural and Educational Affairs, Spanish Ministry of Culture, Ithaca College, Northern Illinois University, and the University of Cincinnati; the Medal of Honor from the Superior Conservatory of Music of the Balearic Islands (2004); the University of Cincinnati’s A.B. "Dolly" Cohen Award for Excellence in Teaching (2007) and George Rieveschl Jr. Award for Creative and/or Scholarly Work (2009); 2010 Ramón Llull Prize of the Government of the Balearic Islands (Spain); and the 2013 Distinguished Teaching Professor Award from the University of Cincinnati.


  • MM, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 1985.
  • PhD, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 1990.
  • Título Superior de Composición, Madrid Royal Superior Conservatory, Madrid, Spain, 1988.
  • Título Profesional de Piano,, Professional Conservatory of the Balearic Islands, Majorca, Spain, 1982.


Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (2010). Semblanzas de Compositores Españoles: Antonio de Cabezón (1510–1566). Revista de la Fundación Juan March (393), 2.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (2007). Reply to Ryan McClelland’s article ‘Teaching Phrase Rhyhtm through Minuets from Haydn’s String Quartets,' vol. 20, 2006. Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy (21), 179.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (2001). A Theory of Pitch-Class-Set Extension in Atonal Music. College Music Symposium (41), 57.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (2000). Paradigms and Contrast in Sixteenth-Century Modal Structure: Commixture in the tientos of Antonio de Cabezón. Journal of Musicological Research (19), 1.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (1998). Dos tientos de Cabezón basados en tonos del Magnificat. Revista de Musicología (21), 1.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (1995). Teoría, análisis, crítica: Reflexiones en torno a ciertas lagunas en la musicología española. Revista de Musicología (18), 11.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (1995). Harmonic and Formal Processes in Ligeti's Net-Structure Compositions. Music Theory Spectrum, 17 (2), 242.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (1995). Playing in Consonances: A Spanish Renaissance Technique of Chordal Improvisation. Early Music, 93.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (1994). Modal Paradigms in Mid-Sixteenth-Century Spanish Instrumental Composition: Theory and Practice in Antonio de Cabezón and Tomás de Santa María. Journal of Music Theory, 38 (2), 247.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (1992). En torno a la figura y la obra de Tomás de Santa María: Aclaraciones, evaluaciones, y relación con la música de Cabezón. Revista de Musicología, 15 (1), 55.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (1988). Bass Emancipation in Sixteenth-Century Spanish Instrumental Music: The Arte de tañer fantasía by Tomás de Santa María. Indiana Theory Review (9), 77.

Published Books

  • Miguel Roig-Francolí Harmony in Context. New York: McGraw-Hill.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (2008). Understanding Post-Tonal Music. Boston: McGraw-Hill.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (2008). Anthology of Post-Tonal Music. Boston: McGraw-Hill.

Book Chapters

  • Miguel Roig-Francolí Los tientos 68, 65 y 67 de Obras de música: Estudio analítico de tres obras maestras de Cabezón. Antonio de Cabezón: Obras de música para tecla, arpa y vihuela, vol VI, Estudios Zaragoza, Spain: CSIC.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (2013). Tonal Structures in the Magnificats, Psalms, and Motets by Tomás Luis de Victoria. Estudios. Tomás Luis de Victoria. Studies. (pp.145). Madrid: ICCMU.
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (2004). Procesos compositivos y estructura musical: Teoría y práctica en Antonio de Cabezón y Tomás de Santa María. Políticas y prácticas musicales en el mundo de Felipe II (pp.393). Madrid: Instituto Complutense de Ciencias Musicales.

Electronic Journal Articles

  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (2013). Some Basic Principles of Good Teaching..

Encyclopedia Articles

  • Miguel Roig-Francolí Santa María, Tomás de. New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
  • Miguel Roig-Francolí (2002). Tañer a consonancias and Tañer fantasía. Dictionary of Spanish and Latin-American Music

    Additional Publications


    • Loris Azzaroni (1999). (Rev. of Canone infinito). Analisi: Rivista di teoria e pedagogia musicale. (pp.24)..
    • Calvert Johnson, ed. (1995). (Rev. of Historical Organ Techniques and Repertoires: An Historical Survey of Organ Performance Practices and Repertoires. Vol. 1: Spain, 1550-1830). MLA Notes. (pp.297)..
    • György Ligeti (1994). Review of Apparitions and Macabre Collage. MLA Notes, 51 (1). (pp.421)..

    Additional Information

    Recent Compositions

    • Easter Toccata (5'40"): Organ (2004)
    • Dona eis requiem (In memory of the innocent victims of war and terror) (11'): Chamber orchestra and chamber chorus (2005)
    • Antiphon and Psalms for the Victims of Genocide (17'): Chamber orchestra and chamber chorus (2005)
    • Canticles for a Sacred Earth (16'50"): Double quintet and two percussionists (2006)
    • Canticles for a Sacred Earth (18'20"): Orchestra (2006–07)
    • Missa pro pace (23'): Mixed chorus and strings (2007)
    • Improvisation for Jennifer: Violin solo (2007)
    • Himne a Santa Agnès: Chorus and piano (2008)
    • Five Gothic Miniatures (10'): Chorus a cappella (2009)
    • Songs of the Infinite (18'30"): Violin and piano (2010)
    • Songs of the Infinite (18'30"): Violin and orchestra (2010)
    • Missa pro pace (23'): Mixed chorus and organ (2010)
    • Orion (12'): Orchestra (2011
    • Songs of Light and Darkness (16'): Piano Trio (2011)
    • Cinco canciones con los ojos cerrados (12'): Soprano and piano (2012)
    • Desconhort (7'): Tenor and string quartet (2012)
    • Andromeda (12'): Orchestra (2012)
    • Perseus (11'): Orchestra (also version for wind ensemble) (2014)
    • Three Astral Poems (Orion, Andromeda, and Perseus) (35'): Orchestra (2011-14)
    • Chaconne: Of Loss and Hope (5'): Strings (youth orchestra) (2014)
    • Un piccolo concerto grosso (4'): Strings (youth ensemble) (2014)

    Selected Recent Performances

    Three Astral Poems, for orchestra

    • Orquesta Sinfónica de Baleares (Sergio Alapont), Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Jan. 15, 2015 (premiere) 
    Perseus, for orchestra
    • CCM Wind Ensemble (Angela Holt), band version premiere, April 15, 2015
    • El Camino Youth Orchestra (Jindong Cai), Cupertino, CA, May 31, June20-21, 2015
    • El Camino Youth Orchestra, Granada, Seville, Valencia, Barcelona (Spain tour, June-July 2015)
    Orion, for orchestra
    • EAFIT University Symphony Orchestra, Medellin, Colombia, Oct. 10, 2013
    • Orquesta Sinfónica de Baleares (Salvador Brotons), Castell de Bellver, Palma de Mallorca, July 19, 2012 (premiere)
    Songs of Light and Darkness, for piano trio
    • Trio Iboshim: Cristina Prats, violin; Monica Marí, cello; María José Perete, piano, Ibiza, April 10, 2014
    • Timothy Lees, violin; Ilya Finkelshteyn, cello; James Tocco, piano, CCM Werner Recital Hall, October 8, 2013, in collaboration with Constella Music Festival
    • Damocles Trio: Airi Yoshioka, violin; Sibylle Johner, cello; Adam Kent, piano, Weill Recital Hall (Carnegie Hall), November 17, 2013
    • Rawlins Piano Trio, Vermillion, South Dakota, 2012, Sept. 27, 2012 (premiere)
    Cinco Canciones con los Ojos Cerrados
    • Premiere: Abigail Santos, soprano, and Hyo Jung Song, piano.  CCM, Jan. 9, 2013
    • Abigail Santos Villalobos, soprano; Michael Chertock, piano, CCM Werner Recital Hall, October 8, 2013, in collaboration with Constella Music Festival
    • Abigail Santos Villalobos, soprano; Adam Kent, piano, Weill Recital Hall (Carnegie Hall), November 17, 2013 
    Songs of the Infinite, for violin and orchestra:
    • Jennifer Roig-Francolí, violin, Orquestra Simfonica Ciutat d’Eivissa, Ibiza, Spain, Adolfo Villalonga, conductor, December 18, 2011
    Songs of the Infinite, for violin and piano:
    • Jennifer Roig- Francolí, violin; Edward Neeman, piano, CCM Werner Recital Hall, October 8, 2013, in collaboration with Constella Music Festival
    • Jennifer Roig-Francolí, violin; Adam Kent, piano, Weill Recital Hall (Carnegie Hall), November 17, 2013
    • Charles Wetherbee, violin, Snake River Chamber Festival, Keystone, CO, September 2, 2011
    • Jenny Wu, violin, and Harmony Yang, piano, Gildenhorn Recital Hall, University of Maryland, May 1, 2011
    • Jennifer Roig-Francolí, violin, and Adam Kent, piano, Weill Hall (Carnegie Hall), New York, October 24, 2010 (premiere) 

    Five Gothic Miniatures, for chorus a cappella:

    • Alterum Cor, Valentín Benavides, conductor, Museo Nacional de Escultura, Valladolid, Spain, Nov. 29, 2014
    • Coral Universitaria de les Illes Balears, Joan Company, conductor, Semaines Musicales de Quimper, France, Aug. 20, 2013
    • CCM Chorale, Brett Scott, cond., St. Mary´s Cathedral Basilica, Covington, KY, May 20, 2012
    • Choir of Saint Peter in Chains Cathedral, Michael Fuchs, cond., Saing Peter in Chains Cathedral, Cincinnati, Feb. 19, 2012
    • Saint Joseph Cathedral Choir Donor Concert, Paul Thornock, conductor, Saint Joseph Cathedral, Columbus, OH, May 15, 2011
    •  Xavier University Concert Chorus, Tom Merrill, cond., Cincinnati, May 2, 2010 (premiere)
    Suite Apócrifa, for piano:
    • Michael Chertock, piano, CCM Werner Recital Hall, October 8, 2013, in collaboration with Constella Music Festival
    • Adam Kent, piano, Weill Recital Hall (Carnegie Hall), November 17, 2013
    • Juanjo Ochoa, piano, Mallorca, November 22, 2012
    • Adam Kent, piano, Weill Hall (Carnegie Hall), New York, October 24, 2010
    • Susan Ha, piano, Werner Hall, CCM, March 10, 2010.
    • Michael Chertock, piano, Stocket Center Studio Theatre, Lorain Community College (Elyria, OH), Feb. 23, 2011
    • Michael Chertock, piano, Heidelberg College, April 2011
    Easter Toccata, for organ:
    • Arnau Reynés, organ, Church of Sant Francesc, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), October 25, 2012
    • Arnau Reynés, organ, Church of San José, Ibiza (Spain), October 5, 2012
    • Matthew Phelps, organ, St. Francis Xavier Church, Manhattan, NY.  Dedication of new Peragallo organ, October 11, 2010
    • Arnau Reynés, organ, Church of San José, Ibiza (Spain), March 13, 2010
    • Blake Callahan, Cathedral of Saint Peter in Chains (Cincinnati), April 19, 2009 
    Five Pieces for Orchestra:
    • Ballet Wu Xing, by Jiang Qi, on Five Pieces for Orchestra, performed by Dance China NY at the Joyce Soho, NYC, December 10-11, 2010
    • Orquesta Sinfónica de las Islas Baleares, Palma de Mallorca, Spain, November 25, 2010, Salvador Brotons, cond.
    • Ballet Wu Xing, by Jiang Qi, on Five Pieces for Orchestra, premiered at CCM Fall Dance Concert, Patricia Corbett Theater, CCM, December 4, 2009
    Missa pro pace, for mixed chorus and strings:
    • Premiere (organ version), CCM Corbett Auditorium, CCM Chorale, Brett Scott, cond., and Matt Phelps, organ, February 1, 2014
    • The Reformed Church of Bronxville Chorus, Matthew Phelps, conductor, Bronxville, NY, Holy Thursday, 2011
    • Edgecliff Vocal Ensemble and string ensemble, conducted by Tom Merrill, Xavier University Bellarmine Chapel, October 28, 2009
    • Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the City of Ibiza, Spain, conducted by Adolfo Villalonga, 21 December 2008 (premiere).
    Sonata for cello and piano:
    • Ilya Finkelshteyn, cello; James Tocco, piano, CCM Werner Recital Hall, October 8, 2013, in collaboration with Constella Music Festival
    • Julia MacLaine, cello; Adam Kent, piano, Weill Recital Hall (Carnegie Hall), November 17, 2013
    • Paul York, cello, and Elizabeth Pridonoff, piano, Accent 11 New Music concert, CCM, June 17, 2011
    Partita, for Eight Instruments:
    • Ensemble Periscopio, EAFIT University, Medellin, Colombia, Oct. 11, 2013
    • Café MoMus Contemporary Music Ensemble, Mark Gibson, cond., Cohen Family Studio Theater, CCM, 24 Feb. 2010