CCM Prep students dance during an end of year performance

CCM Prep offers ballet, tap, musical theatre, and modern dance classes for a wide variety of students, early childhood through adult. For beginners and experienced dancers, the dance division offers a welcoming environment where students may explore their artistic interests or begin seeking a professional career in dance.


CCM Prep offers dance opportunities for early childhood, youth, teens and adults.

Ballet and Modern dance classes include offerings for beginners and experienced dancers. Additionally, "drop-in" and "try-it" classes are available.

Each dance class develops and advances students' technique and proficiency, while fostering confidence and creativity. All classes are taught under the guidance of professional instructors and artists who are dedicated to promoting their students' learning and artistic development in the art of dance.

Performance Companies

CCM Prep has ballet ensembles for youth, teens and adults. In order to audition for ballet companies, students must be enrolled in CCM Prep's leveled ballet classes. Along with enrollment in the companies, students will be enrolled in the appropriate level of pointe. 

Choreographed by CCM Prep ballet faculty, the Youth Ballet Company performs two fully produced concerts each year, and participates in other performances across the Tristate area.

 To audition for ballet companies students must be enrolled in CCM Prep's leveled ballet classes. Along with enrollment in the companies, students will be enrolled in the appropriate level of pointe. The tuition cost covers the company rehearsals and an hour of pointe training each week.

Headshot of John T. Bell

John T. Bell

Adjunct Instructor of Ballet, CCM Prep Ballet Instructor


Headshot of Ana J Bird

Ana J Bird



Headshot of Heather Cameron-Johnson

Heather Cameron-Johnson



Headshot of Karie-Lee Dentino

Karie-Lee Dentino



Headshot of Kiersten Mae Edwards

Kiersten Mae Edwards

Student Worker

Headshot of Isabele Melo Elefson

Isabele Melo Elefson

Adjunct Instructor of Dance, CCM Prep Ballet Instructor

Headshot of Emerson Grace Lecrone

Emerson Grace Lecrone

Student Worker

Headshot of Amanda Nicole Marasch-Brinkman

Amanda Nicole Marasch-Brinkman



Headshot of Cassidy Taylor Steele

Cassidy Taylor Steele



Headshot of Shauna L. Steele

Shauna L. Steele

Chair and Associate Professor of Dance


Headshot of Tricia Ann Sundbeck

Tricia Ann Sundbeck

CCM Preparatory Ballet Director Adjunct Professor CCM


Headshot of Rae Alexandra Vrbancic

Rae Alexandra Vrbancic