Thank You To Our Supporters

CCM recognizes and thanks the following corporations, foundations and individuals for their generous support.*

Louise Dieterle Nippert Trust 
Scholarship and Resident Artist Sponsor

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 
CCM/CSO Diversity Fellowship Sponsor

The Corbett Endowment at CCM 
Dance Department Supporter, All-Steinway School Sponsor

H. Wayne Ferguson Family Foundation 
Louise H. & David S. Ingalls Foundation, Inc. 
Community Partners

The Joseph and Frances Jones Poetker Fund of the Cambridge Charitable Foundation, Ritter & Randolph, LLC, Corporate Counsel 
Visiting Artists & Thinking About Music Sponsor

Dr. & Mrs. Carl Fischer 
CCMONSTAGE Production Sponsors

Elizabeth C. B. & Paul G. Sittenfeld 
Musical Theatre Showcase Sponsor

Genevieve Smith 
Opera Production Sponsor

Estate of Mr. William A. Friedlander 
Mrs. William A. Friedlander 
Dr. Randolph L. Wadsworth 
Judith Schonbach Landgren and Peter Landgren 
Mr. & Mrs. Harry H. Santen 
Elizabeth C. B. & Paul G. Sittenfeld 
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Stegman 
Dr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Striker 
Mrs. Harry M. Hoffheimer 
Ariel Quartet Sponsors

Jan Rogers 
Willard and Jean Mulford Charitable Fund of the Cambridge Charitable Foundation
Choral Studies Sponsors

Ms. Margaret A. Straub & Mr. Neil R. Artman 
Collaborative Piano Sponsor

Robert & Debra Chavez 
Three Arts Scholarship Fund 
CCMpower Partners

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Hirschhorn 
Orchestral Sponsor

Mr. & Mrs. James L. Miller 
Musical Theatre Production Sponsor

Graeter’s Ice Cream 
Greg Mathein 
Musical Theatre Performance Sponsors

Trish & Rick Bryan 
The CCM Harmony Fund: Challenging Hate and Prejudice through Performing Arts 
The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./ U.S. Bank Foundation 
KMK Law 
Paula Boggs Muething & Brian Muething 
Jeff Thomas Catering 
Event Sponsors 

Rafael & Kimberly Daniel de Acha Foundation 
Voice Sponsor 

The Sarah Marvin Foundation for the Performing Arts
Classical Guitar Sponsor

Honor Roll of Donors

July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019

The Corbett Foundation

Mrs. William A. Friedlander

Louise Dieterle Nippert Trust

Miles H. Anderson, Jr.

Joan Cochran

M. Wayne Eich

Peter Landgren and Judith Schonbach 

Virginia Croskery Lauridsen

Fred Martens

Greg Mathein

The Joseph and Frances Jones Poetker Fund Of the Cambridge Charitable Foundation, Ritter & Randolph, LLC, Corporate Counsel 

Dr. Earl G. Rivers

Rockwern Charitable Foundation

Dorothy Richard Starling Foundation

Dr. W. Kenneth and Mrs. Shirley Stephens 

Three Arts Scholarship Fund

Anonymous (2)

H. Wayne Ferguson Family Foundation

Professor Mark Gibson and Kirstin Greenlaw

Nancy Jones and Dick Sippel 

Donna and Andrew Loewy


**Emily S. Merriman

Richard Nelson 

*Mr. and Mrs. J. David Rosenberg

Nancy and Ed Rosenthal

Dr. Randolph L. Wadsworth

Ginger and David Warner 

Bertha Langhorst Werner Trust

*Donations through The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

** Deceased


Anthony Albano, MD and K. Ann Choe-Albano, MD

Neil Artman and Margaret Straub

Trish and Rick Bryan 

Buddy Roger’s Music Centers, Inc.

The Otto M. Budig Family Foundation

Clever Crazes for Kids, Dianne Dunkelman

Dr. and Mrs. Carl Fischer 

The Gessner Family Foundation

The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation

Bob Hockenberger

Mrs. Harry M. Hoffheimer 

Louise H. & David S. Ingalls Foundation, Inc.

Brett Offenberger and Douglas Duckett

**Eleanor Payton

The Presser Foundation 

Bob & Barbara Williams Foundation

*Donations through The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

** Deceased

California Community Foundation

Cincinnati Dreams Come True, Inc.

The Cincinnati Symphony Club

**Eva Fleischer 

*Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Hirschhorn

Michael Howett

Sandra and Stephen Joffe

Teri Jory and Seth Geiger 

Arlene and Bill Katz

Joseph and Constance Kenty

Jennie and John Kim

Gregory Marks 

Linda and Jim Miller

Susan Milligan and Family

Kevin Rhein

Dr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Striker 

James Tocco

*Donations through The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

** Deceased

Victor and Ellen Bastron

Craig Brinkman 

Jennifer and John Brown

Shannon and Lee Carter 

Thom Miles and Roberta Gary

L. Timothy Giglio 

Charles Goering Family Fund

Tom Goldman 

Graeter’s Ice Cream

Vaughan Hedrick 

John B. Hughes


Rabbi Ken and Toni Kanter

Susan and Rich Lauf 

Estate of Charles Locke

Jared McFee and Matthew McFee 

Louis and Susan Meisel

Patti Myers and Alan Flaherty 

Jeff Thomas Catering

Ellen and Ray van der Horst 


Romola Allen

Alumni of The College of Music

Americana Arts Foundation

David and Peg Ashbrock

Bob and Janet Banks

Dabby Blatt

John Boggess and Ryan Steffen

Rachelle Bruno and Stephen Bondurant

Kenneth Buck

*Al Campbell

Daryl Harrison-Carson and Steven Carson

Joan Cavally

Cincinnati Public Radio, Inc.

Mary Ellen and Tom Cody

Daniel P. and Mary Cope

Phillip Crabtree

Denise Dal Vera

John and Sondra Davis

Rafael & Kimberly Daniel de Acha Foundation

Kimberly and Rafael de Acha 

Dean Clevenger and Freeman Durham

John and Gretchen Elg

Susan and David Eltringham

Karen and Bob Faaborg

Terrell and Susan Finney

Lee Fiser

Steve L. Franks

Bill and Kathleen Fussinger 

Scott Getz and Mark Santanello

Lesha and Samuel Greengus

Liz Grubow and Jerry Kathman

John L. Harrison

Gloria Hartman

Jo Ann and Bill Harvey

Don and Mary Hatcher

Michelle Heatherton 

Donald and Michelle Hershey

Karen and David Hoguet

Susan and Tom Hughes

Patti and Keith James

Johnson String Instrument, Inc.

Holly Keeler

Ryan Keiser

Rocky and Teresa Killion 


Betsy and John LaMacchia

Jean and Chuck Lauterbach

Kimberly and Ronald Lawrence

Christine and Wayne Lippert

Jackie Lockwood

Sally Melcher

Stephen Miles and Kathleen Killion 

*Bill Montague and Kelly Wittich

John and Debra Moore

Bill and Cindy Morelli

Vicky and David Motch

Cliff and Linda Mountain

Gerald and Lorna Newman

Louise Dieterle Nippert Trust

Ohio Federation of Music Clubs 

Oliver Family Foundation

Manisha Patel and Michael Curran

Douglas Perkins and Lauren Oshman

Don and Mary Pisegna

Bob and Alicia Prowse

Donna Puskas

Peter Quinnan and Mark Boire

James and Ellice Richardson 

George and Caroll Roden

James and Kay Russell

Terry Sabol

Raymond Santos

Steve Schaeffer

Anne and Jim Shanahan

Kent Shaw and Jeff Thomas 

Rosa and Beno Schechter

John Shepherd

*Mrs. John J. Strader IV

Jennifer Suttles 

Viki and David Swope

*Susan and John Tew

Karen Tully

Sharon Vander Gheynst 

Anna and Rick VanMatre

Steve Waxler

Janell and Frank Weinstock

Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Werner 

Patrice Willoughby


Robert and Lindsay Zierolf

*Donations through The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

** Deceased


David Adams

Robert and Dulany Anning

Jack Avril

Evelyn Banzhaf

Christopher and Susan Barde

Judith Barford

Mark Becker 

Sharon and Edward Beckett

Cory and Brian Beimesche

Bruce and Elaine Besanko

Bill and Marilyn Brown

Daniel Brown and Mark Haggard

Carnegie Visual & Performing Arts Center

Champlin Architecture

Andrew and Sunjoo Chun 

Cincinnati Ballet Company

Matt Cooper and Sharon Porter

Bill and Paula Cordes

Doug Cornelsen

Beverly and Robert Croskery

Cross Light, Inc.

James and Miriam S. Culley

Carmon and Kathy DeLeone 

Michael and Bridget Fesenmeier

Ken and Meg Fox

Bill and Angie Frigge

Chuck and Marilyn George

Gloria Giannestras

Amy and Andy Grolnick

Esther Grubbs

Barbara and Jack Hahn 

Andrew and Valissa Haskins

Ron Hegyesi

Judy Herb

Neil Hoover and Shawn Scott

Cathie Hudnall

Marty and Tom Humes

Lamar and Rita Hunt

Donald Hurd 

Randall and Mary Kent

Stephen and Annie King

Merlin and Anne Lehman

Pat and Denny Linhart 

Scott and Jordana Lipscomb 

Tim and Paula Marcagi 

Jonathan Martin 

Kathryn McCarthy 

Kelly McCormick 

Janet McDaniel 

Jane Meranus 

Ed Merkes 

Robbie and John Michelman 

Tamara Miller 

Terry Milligan 

Sarah Mizelle and John Miller 

Charlie and Sally Moomaw 

Gregory Morris 

Paula Boggs Muething and Brian Muething 

Leo Munick and Alice Fegelman 

Edward Nowacki 

Patricia O’Connor 

Warren and Janet Olfert 

Marilyn Ott 

Anne and Marty Pinales 

Nicholas Puncer 

Ellen Rieveschl 

Marie Rolf and Robert Lehman 

Stanley and Shannon Romanstein 

Jay and Jen Rueger 

Dr. Richard S. Sarason 

Alan and Margie Schneider 

Cindy Schneider 

Kelly Schumacker 

Roger and Barbara Selya 

Vishnoo and Kathy Shahani 

Brian Shepard 

Randy T. Slovin 

Susan and David Smith 

St. Rose Church 

Cynthia Starr 

Brett Stover 

Eric Thams 

Samuel and A. Joan Trust 

Uptown Rental Properties 

Nicole Vigh 

James Wallace 

*David Wasserman 

*James Wassermann 

Kathy Weinrich 

*Carol and Richard Wilson 

Barbara and Jay Wittenbaum 

David A. Wolf 

Womens Way 

Wesley Woolard 

Kurt Zeller 

*Donations through The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

** Deceased 

Lan and Elizabeth Ackley

Mary Lu and Dick Aft

Robert Allen

Kenneth and Lois Allen

Matthew and Cheryl Anderson

Susan Ansorge and Bob Zambarano

Bridget and John Anthony

Nancy D. Bahlman

Todd and Ann Bailey

Shelley E. Bamberger

Tom and Frances Bankston

Baroque Violin Shop

Jane and Tony Battaglia

Brian Bear

Betsy Behne

Vickie Bell

Juliet Berninger

Terry Bowlin

Aaron and Kimberly Brant

Marianna Brown Bettman

Susan Buckmaster

Jonathan and Kristin Bush

Teresa Butt

William Carroll

Rick and Paul Cauthen

Lou and Myra Chabut

Michael and Maaike Chertock

Dan Collins

Curtis Compton

Dr. Michelle Conda

Dean Congbalay

Nancy Conover

Kim Cornely

John A. Deaver

Dick and Joan DeLon

Janice Denton

Jay and Jackie DeWitt

Lisa and Rod Dir

Stefan Eckert

Therese and Phillip Ellsworth

Brent Gallaher

Mary Garnatz

Janelle and Michael Gelfand

Sheela and John Geraghty

Tracey Glancy and Michael Beck

Maggie Godbold

**Lynne Gordon

Mikki and Daniel Graff

Nancy Greiwe

Kenneth Griffiths

Tom and Nancy Gruber

Dr. Kelly Hale

John and Diana Hargrave

Kip Hatcher

John and Janie Haymaker

Bethany Heath

Steve and Beth Hofferber

Barbara Hunter

Indian Springs Academy of Music, LLC

Dwayne and Carolyn Irvin

Neil and Lorraine Johnson

James Kaya and Deb Grauel

Christine Kennedy

John and Carol Kerr

Dick and Mona Kerstine

Gary and Eileen Kilday

Marvin Kolodzik

John Kurtz

Katherine and Edward Kvet 

Greg and Maya Lalonde

Hal Laster and Kris Jearakul

James Lawrence

Anne Lum

Linda Macartney

Jacqueline Mack and Edward Silberstein

Craig and Julie Margolis

Ed and Anita Marks 

Barry and Suzanne Marshall

John Martin and Eliza Kopczynska

Jenny May

Patricia and Wolfgang Mayer

Stuart and Michaux McMillan

Thomas and Becki Meyer

Debra Meyers

Gail and Carolyn Miller 

Bob and Sandy Moeller

Juan Montoya

Richard and Caroline Morris

Kristi Nelson and Stewart Goldman

Michelle Nephew

Joseph Neville

Jonathan Newmark

Linda Nolan 

Jane Nurse

Philip and Christy Ochs

Kenneth and Janet Olson

Maureen and Douglas Olsen

M. David and Sandra Paddock

Alice Perlman

Carol and Paul Perlstein

Wym and Jan Portman 

Charlotte Pugh

Khai Pung

Roxanne Qualls

Hera Reines

Thomas Rennie

Bruce Ripley

Barbara Rogers and Richard Weis

Mary Bob and Jack Rubenstein 

Dick and Christine Russell

Scott and Carol Russell

Juliana Sadock-Savino

Martha and Lee Schimberg

Herbert Seidner

Leigh Selby

Jim Semmelman

Sherry Shah 

Joseph and Molly Shane

Jeff and Mary Sheldon

Carol Steger

Mary and Rodney Stucky

Dawn Swiderski

John Thayer

Elizabeth Venia

Vincent Lighting Systems 

Angela Powell Walker and Robert Walker

Vic and Ann Warner

Anne Wilker

Mark and Ouida Williams

James and Ronna Willis

Jim and Allison Wilt 

Nan S. Witten

Thomas Wrobel

Alison and Jim Zimmerman

Elizabeth Zimmerman 

David and Myra Zoll

*Donations through The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

** Deceased

Anonymous (3)

Roger and Betty Aerni

James and Leesa Alford

Gary and Gina Anaple

Christine Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Oliver L. Baily

Jim Baldwin and Alexis Buchanan

Christy Balmos and Bobbi Ruddock

Henrietta Barlag

Rebecca Barnowski

*Jessica and Bob Baron

Amy Beegle

Constance Beneroff

Matthew and Lisa Benjamin

Glenda and Malcolm Bernstein

Peter Bissman

Adriana and Patrick Bitoun

Dave and Betty Blasius

Stuart Blersch

Barbara and Tom Boat

Cheryl Boettger

Ralph and Elizabeth Boire

Dave and Elaine Borsheim

Bruce and Nanette Borton

Neil Bourgeios

Steve Bowling

Sue and James Boyd

Richard E. and Marguerite W. Bozian

Frank and Kathy Bragg

Bill and Mary Bramlage

Roger Peterson and Claire Braswell

John and Marilyn Braun

Scott Bridges

George and Kathy Brinkman

Roberta Bromley

Tanya Bromley

Charlotte Brooks

Simon and Suzanne Browne

Douglas and Dawn Bruestle

James Bunte and Betty Douglas

Elizabeth and Brian Burress

Michael and Judy Butler

Becky Butts

Rachel Calin

Clare Callahan

Debbie Campbell

Jeff and Tess Caputo

Gerry O’Sullivan and Cathy Carlson

Donn and Mary Carr

Byron and Katie Cartwright

Mark and Eileen Cason

Rebecca Castillo

Anthony and Judy Cebriak

John and Sara Chiego

Thomas Chlapecka

Alice Churchill and John Vandenberg

James Cissell

Ginger Clark and David Alex

Greg and Kathleen Cleary

Bonnie Cohen

Marjorie Compton

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Connell

Brian and Nancy Connor

Carol J. Conway Yegerlehner

Mr. William Cooper

Robert and Louise Copeland

Edith Copley

Katherine Cordes

Kerry and Susan Crone

Vicki Cullen

Gary and Barbara Cummins

Joe and Wynne Curry

Anne Cushing-Reid and Bill Reid

Jeffrey Czatt

Deborah Sensel-Davis and Mark Davis

Susan and Alan Davis

Caroline de Dreu

Edmond De Pompei

Mr. William L. and Dr. Dorothy E. Dean

Shelly and Patrick Deavy

Mark DeBellis and Karla Johnsen

Drew DePenning

Diana’s Dance and Fitness Wear

Mark and Richel Dielman

Sharron and Michael DiMario

James Donnelly

Gabriel Dotto and Anna Herklotz

Sheila Drennen

Stephanie Dumais

Tom and Karen Dumais

Mary Lynn Duncan

Kathleen Durham

Sarah Eastburn

Peggy Eberhard

Elaine Eckstein and Eugene Wilson

Steve Edwards

Robert Elhai and Laura Hoyt

Joyce Elkus

Bill Ellenberger

Richard Evans

Sylvie Falk

Joseph and Toni Fammartino

Bridget Feng

Diana and Henry Fenichel

Joseph and Christina Finke

Luke Flood

Ashley and Bobbie Ford

Greg and Nancy Foster

Marjorie Fox

Gerry Frank

Carol Friel

James Gallatin

Ann Garbler

B.J. Gardner

David Gardner and Cat Figueirinhas

Joanna Gaynor

Ed and Corinne Geraghty

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Giannella

David Gillespie

*Barbara Glueck

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Goetz

Nancy Goldberg

Mark and Meryl Goldman

Sidney and Janice Goldstein

Toby Goldstein

Mady Gordon

Jerry Gordon

Michele Grinoch

Roger Grodsky

Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Gruppo

Eric and Mary Beth Gunderson

Donald Guyton and Susan Witte

Richard and Peg Halberstadt

Patti and Todd Hall

John Hambrecht

Laura Hamm

Bill Harden

Roz Harkavy

Kelly Haslup

Jan Hatcher

Steven Hatcher

Jasmine Hatem

Carolyn and John Haury

John Headley

Maggie Hepworth

Richard and Lauren Hess

Renee Hevia

Sharon Hickox

Thomas Hizer

Edward Hodge

Tim Hodges and Gail Mackin

Judy Hoff

Bob and Dolly Holzwarth

Edward and Bonnie Lavigne

Marie Huenefeld

John Hutten

Howard and Susan Jackson

Angela Jackson

James and Marion Jacobs

Louise Jenks

Roger and Nancy Johannigman

Kim Barbel Johnson and Ken Johnson

Leslie Jones and David Irish

Lawrence and Allison Jones

Mace Justice

Colleen Kaczvinsky

Janice Kagermeier

Jon and Sally Kamholtz

Steven Kane and Carey Meyers

Marcia Kaplan and Michael Privitera

Andrew and Janis Kartal 

Edyta and Peter Kasprzycki

James Converse and Amy Katzman

Kenneth and Amy Kavanaugh

Rick Kay and Jim Kelly

Alexandra Kazovsky

David Keefer

Velda Kelly

Wanda King

Jack and Marilyn Krebs

Donald and Susan Krug

Jay Krumbholz

Mel and John Kuempel

William Riggs and JoAnn Kulesza

Bud and Annette Lackner

Ronald C. Lamping

Ernest and Deforia Lane

L. John and Cynthia Lasonczyk

Edward and Bonnie Lavigne

Bruce and Vicki Layne

Bruce Lazarus and Philip Weintraub

Claire Lee

David and Sandra Lenigan

Marianne LePera

Scott and Jennifer Levine

Annique Link

Lee Litwack

Gregory and Laura Long

Claire Lopatka

John and Vicki Lottes

Jack and Susie Louiso

Dan and Anne Lovell

Doris Lowy and Paul Zigman

Frank and Bonnie Lucido

Jack and Lenore Luckey

Jean Lyons

Mr. and Mrs. G. Edward Magner

Jeanne Majors

Ira and Wanda Marshall

Christopher and Kari Marshall

Vicky Mary

David and Tama McConnell

Doug McConnell and Joan Holder-McConnell

Rebecca McFarland

Paul and Shireen McKenzie

Shirley Messer

Jan and Marilyn Methlie

Pamela Meyers and Gerald Greenberg

John and Constance Michael

Jim and Nancy Miller

Gregory Miller

Dorian Milteer

Drew Minard

Danute Miskinis

Clay and Beth Mizelle

Kathy Mohylsky and Russell Wright

Sally Moore

Karen Moran

David Morrow

Richard Moschel

Joel and Sue Moskowitz

Regine and Jon Moulton

Glenn and Trudy Muegel

Joel and Susan Munn

Mark and Susan Murphy 

Pamela Myers

Kris Nagle

Kathy Nardiello

Edward Nelson

Balazs and Suzanne Nemeth

James and Sharon Newberne

Timothy and Clara Nyktas

Oakley Pub & Grill LLC

Patricia O’Connor

Dale and Patricia Oliver

Mark and Evelyn Ostoich

Carla Palmore

Larry and Jennifer Pauly

Julia Pedigo

Evan Pelecky

Rick Pender and Joan Kaup

Kim and Linda Pensyl

Jeff and Theresa Perry

Stephen Phillips

*David M. Piatt

Dominic and Cheryl Picciuto

Paul Willging and Tracy Pierson

Paul and Gay Piller

Barbara Pisaro-Clark

Samantha Pollack

Michael Polscer

Alexandra Pool

Ann Porter

Louis Proske

Laura Proto

MaryMarie Quigley

Jonathan Ralinovsky

Ed and Denise Ratterman

Barry and Shirley Raut

Randy Rehkamp and Vicki Hellings

Larry and Carol Rhoades

Tillie Ripley

Douglas Becker and Lisa Ripley Becker

Sandra Rivers

Joe and June Robb

Blake Robison

Mark and Sheree Rodgers

Valentina Roemer

John and Beau Rootring

P. L. and Virginia Rowlett

Clair Rozier

Mark and Julie Rudemiller

Mark Rudy

Betty Salzer

Paul Sanow and Maryanne Zeleznik

David Schaaf

Jill Schmidt

Arthur and Donna Schuler

Cynthia Scott

Jeremy Seager

Herbert Seidner

John and Elizabeth Serrage

Corey Sevett

Kenneth Shaw

John Shepherd and Marcia Kneisley

Morton and Angela Sherzer

Steve Shin

Anna Shipe

Jacqueline Showole 

Alan and Cathy Siebert

Janet Simons

Sarah Singelee

John and Marilyn Skelly

Trevor and Iris Smith

Gregory and Deborah Sokol

Sonde and Alicia Sondergelt

Donna Sontag Grummich

Steve Spaulding 

Randall Speer

Jay Springer

Kayla Springer

Frank and Jeanne Stanton

Matthew Stensrud

Kent and Valerie Stephens

Alice and Frank Stephenson

Charles and Debra Stern 

Mason Stewart

Linda Stone

Ron and Ann Surace

Mrs. Frank W. Sutton

Shaun Sutton

Dale Swisher

Edward and Krysa Szabo

Bunny and Frank Szecskay 

Piotr Szewczyk

Jonathan Talberg

Andrew and Luann Taylor

Beverly Thomas

David Thomson

Marvin Tibbetts

Joseph and Mary Margaret Tilford

Hesham Tohamy 

Daniel Tonozzi

John and Patricia Vandegrift

Timothy and Barbara Vanderwall

Bruce and Lauri VanHise

Chris and Rudy Visnich

Rich and Cynthia Walburg

Sandi Ward

James Watson 

David Weaver

Larry Weber

Marty Wedge

Alan Weinstein

George Ann and Jim Wesner

Debbie and Dick Westheimer

Jane Whipple

Charles and Connie Widney 

Jim and Betsy Williams

Chabrelle Williams

Joe and Ann Wilmers

Shawna Wingerberg

John and Jeannine Winkelmann

Stanley and Mona Wold

Shelby Wood

Mary and David Wright 

Jaana and A. James Yockey

Hongong Li and Yen Yu

Kelly Yurko

Karen Zaugg

David and Tammy Zeph

Lynne Zucker and Steven Schuckman

Sandy and Helen Zussman

*Donations through The Greater Cincinnati Foundation 

** Deceased

Gift Planning Honor Roll

We would like to recognize the following individuals who have made the decision to include CCM in their planning.

It is with deep appreciation that we express gratitude to these donors for their loyalty and support. To those who chose to share their intentions during their lifetime, the University of Cincinnati Foundation extends an invitation to join the Herman Schneider Legacy Society as a way to recognize this enduring legacy of generosity. For more information on gift planning opportunities, please contact the CCM External Relations Office at 513-556-2100.

Mary Lu & Richard Aft 

Estate of Eleanor Combs Moore Allen 

Estate of Mary E. Andrews 

Mr. Neil R. Artman & Ms. Margaret L. Straub 

The Marian C. Atkins Scholarship Fund 

**Mr. Robert A. Atterton 

James P. Baldwin & Alexis L. Buchanan 

Ms. Henrietta Barlag 

Thomas & Jeanne Baur 

Dr. Aubrey Berg 

Estate of Beatrice A. Bowen 

Thomas W. Busse Charitable Trust 

Estate of Martha Carden 

Mrs. Joan Cavally 

A.B. Dolly & Ralph Cohen Foundation 

Estate of Patricia A. Corbett 

Estate of Kate Cornish 

Estate of John V. Crable 

Alvin and Jean Crawford 

Estate of Agnes Z. Daehn 

Estate of Betty J. Dannenfelser 

Kimberly Daniel de Acha & Rafael de Acha 

Ms. Amy F. Dennison 

**Mr. Robert A. Deshon 

Estate of Rowland E. Dietz 

Ms. Beth S. Dochinger 

Estate of Luba Dorman 

Estate of Paul M. Dunkle 

Estate of Helen T. Ehlers 

Mr. Donald P. Ehrhart 

M. Wayne Eich 

Estate of Eva R. Fleischer 

Estate of Franklin L. Folger 

Estate of Katherine Raber Foote 

Mr. James A. Foxworthy 

Steven L. Franks 

Mrs. William A. Friedlander 

Estate of William A. Friedlander 

Miss Roslyn Friedman 

Mr. Frederic Gahr 

Estate of Charles Gausmann 

Mr. & Mrs. Charles George 

Mrs. Gloria I. Giannestras 

**Mrs. Bernyce W. Golden 

Mrs. Barbara Haye Goosman 

**Miss Louise Guthman 

Estate of Charles Haley 

Estate of Adeline Harris 

John L. Harrison 

Estate of Maxine G. Harrison 

Ms. Vaughan H. Hedrick 

Estate of Helen C. Heldman 

Estate of Jerome A. Heldman 

**Dr. Earl L. Henry, Jr. 

Estate of Evelyn V. Hess 

Mary Pat Hester 

Iris L. Hunt Trust 

Mrs. Jean Irving 

Carolyn T. Johnson Trust 

Estate of Marcus Jordan 

**William Jorgensen 

Mr. Mace C. Justice 

Mr. James C. Kautz 

**Mrs. Dorothy E. Kemp 

Estate of William H. Koch 

**Dr. William E. Kuhn 

Mr. Peter E. Landgren and Judith Schonbach 

Estate of Olive M. Laubenthal 

Greg Mathein 

Gregory Marks 

Fred Martens 

Estate of Jean L. Martin 

Estate of Joan E. Matuska 

**Mr. Michael McGiffert 

Estate of Ruby Mercer 

Estate of Emily S. Merriman 

Terence Milligan, DMA 

Mr. Akila J. Misali 

Mittlestat Family Trust 

Leo Munick, MD 

Estate of Jeanette K. Nieman 

Richard B. Nelson 

Estate of William L. Nimmo 

Estate of Louise Nippert 

Patricia Nott 

J. Brett Offenberger & Douglas E. Duckett 

**James D. Ogle, PhD 

Estate of Margaret Ohanian 

**Mr. Maurice E. Oshry 

**Mrs. Emily S. Paulson 

Estate of Mrs. Eleanor G. Payton 

Ms. Jesselyn G. Peagler 

**Mr. William H. Phelan 

Estate of Helen M. Philippe 

Estate of Dana O. Ragsdale 

Estate of Jean S. Reis 

**Mr. Edward J. Requardt 

Dorothy Riddinger Trust 

Estate of George Rieveschl 

Estate of Mae A. Rinehart 

**Mrs. Lyda C. Robison 

Estate of Gregory Rodgers 

**Mrs. Jeanne W. Royston 

Estate of Marie Runkle 

**Mr. F. Paul Rutledge 

Dr. Stephen G. Schaeffer 

Estate of Ruth I. Schafstall 

Mrs. Zelma J. Schulman 

Estate of Betty J. Seinsheimer 

Dr. Edmund Shay 

Estate of Marifrances Shump 

Estate of Paul L. Silverglade 

Estate of Andrew D. Smith 

Mr. Daniel B. Stauft 

Dr. W. Kenneth and Mrs. Shirley Stephens 

Mrs. John J. Strader IV 

Estate of Inelda Tajo 

Margaret Tangeman Trust 

Estate of Margaret B. Taylor 

Clara H. Teller Trust 

Mr. William Todd 

Estate of James F. Truitte 

Thomas C. Umfrid and Philip G. Tworek 

Estate of Jack M. Watson 

Mr. Steve Waxler 

Estate of Pamela R. Weaver 

Estate of Helen F. Weinberger 

Bertha Langhorst Werner Trust 

Estate of Beverly K. Whiteley 

Estate of Louise S. Wilshire 

Estate of Lawrence Winchester 

**Mr. J. Thomas Zumwalt, Jr. 


*Support is updated to our website on a quarterly basis.