Backstage at CCM

Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the work that goes into CCM performances and collaborative projects courtesy of the new Backstage at CCM documentary series.

These behind-the-scenes videos were created by students and faculty members from CCM's Media Production Division

The Making of Sweet Charity

In The Making of Sweet Charity, viewers can peek backstage to see how the September 2023 production of the musical rom-com Sweet Charity was designed and run by a team of students from throughout CCM's Theatre Design and Production Department. Current students Kali Ashurst, Baron Leon, Clara Cavins and Claire Bonnette, along with alumni guest artist Joshua E. Gallagher, discuss how they put their education into action while creating this acclaimed production.

A Voice Like Mine

A Voice Like Mine spotlights bass-baritone John Mburu, who is pursuing his Master of Music degree in Voice Performance at CCM. Mburu studies with CCM Professor of Voice Kenneth Shaw. In addition to his roles in mainstage operas at CCM, Mburu has also participated in CCM's Opera Fusion: New Works initiative with Cincinnati Opera, which offers composers or composer/librettist teams the opportunity to workshop an opera during a 10-day residency in Cincinnati.

Breath Release Technique in Modern Dance

This mini-documentary shows viewers an excerpt from CCM's Modern Dance Tech Class, taught by Shauna Steele, Associate Professor and Chair of Dance. The class is an exploration of the kinesthetic sense (senses of position and movement of the body). Students learn how to combine technique with their own unique artistic interpretation. 

Ready, Set, Action!

Join CCM Professor of Technical Direction Stirling Shelton and his Tech Production Two class on a Saturday as they rig the set and lights for CCM's production of the play Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale. Can they get it done by midnight?

Microphone Shootout

Join one of CCM faculty member Aaron Almashy's audio/sound production classes as he and his students record student cellist Audrey Hudgens' lesson with CCM faculty member and Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra cellist Alan Rafferty.

The Cello Lesson

Join first-year master of music student Audrey Hudgens for a lesson and conversation with CCM faculty member Alan Rafferty. A member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra since 2007, Rafferty holds the Ruth F. Rosevear Cello Chair with the CSO.

Becoming Susanna

Follow along as soprano Emma Marhefka, a first-year Master of Music student in Voice Performance at CCM, works with students and faculty members from CCM's Departments of Opera, Make-up and Wig Design and Costume Design and Technology to bring one of opera's most beloved characters to life.

The Making of the Hughes Project

Get an inside look at the dazzling collaboration between the college's Theatre Design and Production department and Hughes STEM High School art students. 

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