Red and black CCMpower logotype inside an illustrated oval

Friends and Alumni Fueling the Future of the Arts

CCMpower is a group of friends and alumni working behind the scenes, setting the stage for our students to be and to create what comes next in the performing and media arts. We use our time, talents and resources to make students’ educational journeys the most fulfilling experience possible. I am proud to be the President of this exceptional organization.

CCMpower generates essential support to fund student scholarships, projects and travel opportunities.  These educational experiences are essential to the CCM education. They provide students with creative opportunities that are vital to their growth as creators and collaborators, but may not be covered under traditional instruction.  CCMpower also provides funding to faculty for guest artist and master class experiences that open our students’ minds to the world of possibilities – and even open doors to the start of their careers.

Your support of CCMpower is an acknowledgement that you believe in supporting young artists who will grace the world’s stages in just a few short years, who will push the boundaries and who will define the future of their art forms.  It is a definitive step that says you believe in the transformative power of the arts.

Join me in supporting CCM’s students and faculty through a donation to CCMpower.  Your gift demonstrates to these incredible students that their gift of talent is valuable and necessary to our community and our world.

Patti Myers
President, CCMpower

Executive Committee (2019-20)

  • President: Arlene Katz
  • President-Elect: Patti Myers
  • Immediate Past President: William Harvey (BM, '71)
  • Secretary: Brian Shepard
  • Treasurer: Jay Rueger
  • Committee Chairs
    • Board Development: Kathryne Gardette and Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney
    • Corporate Giving: Cory Beimesche and Timothy Giglio (BBA, '84)
    • Liaison & Awards: Patti Myers and Kent Shaw
    • Harmony Fund: John Harrison and Brian Shepard
    • Membership: Shannon Carter and Dick Aft
    • Special Events: Jared McFee (BBA, '10) and Paula Boggs Muething

Board Members (2019-20)

  • Shelley Bamberger (BFA, '75; MM, '76)
  • Aubrey Berg
  • Craig Brinkman
  • Susan Eltringham
  • Kimberly de Acha (BM, '71)
  • Meghan Ferguson
  • Bill Frigge (MBA, '98)
  • Scott Getz (MBA, '97)
  • Mikki Graff (BSDE, '96)
  • Donna Grummich
  • David Hemmert
  • Sandra Joffe
  • Kenneth Kanter
  • Peter Kasprzycki (BFA, '89)
  • Jonathan Martin
  • John McDonagh (BM, '83)
  • Jay Rueger
  • Catherine Scruggs
  • Steve Spaulding
  • Jay Springer (BFA, '86)
  • Rick Steinau
  • Jennifer Suttles (BFA, '97)
  • Michelle Thomas
  • Judith Schonbach
  • Rick VanMatre (BM, '77)
  • Kathy Wade (MM, '81)
  • Angela Powell Walker
  • Faculty Representative: Kevin Michael Holzman
  • CCM Graduate Assistant: Annie Bloemer
  • Advisory Board: Lesha Greengus (MED, '75)

Ex-Officio Members

  • Libby Coletta, Assistant Director of Consituent Development
  • John Martin, Assistant Dean of Preparatory and Community Engagement
  • Sarah Mizelle (MA/MBA, '11), Director of Development 
  • Jamie Muenzer (DAAP, '11), Associate Director of Alumni Relations, CCM and DAAP
  • Stanley E. Romanstein (MM '80; DMA '90), Dean of CCM
  • Karen Tully, Senior Director of Development
  • Curt Whitacre (MA '06; MSBA, '08), Director of Marketing and Communications

Friends of CCM Past Presidents

  • Jane Battaglia
  • Peter Beuret
  • John Boggess
  • Trish Bryan (BSED, '65)
  • Mary Ellen Cody
  • Frances Cohen (BAC, '50)
  • Donna de Graaf
  • Gloria Giannestras
  • William Magnus (BA, '49)
  • Kristine Malkoski
  • Dianne M. Rosenberg (ASC, '71; BSED, '73; MED '75)
  • Zell Schulman - Founder
  • Margaret Swallow
  • Jane Whipple
  • Douglas Workman*


CCM Alumni Governing Board Past Presidents

  • Shelley Bamberger (BFA, '75; MM '76)
  • Donna Sontag Grummich (BM, '76)
  • Bill Harvey (BM, '71)
  • Paul Hillner (BA, '74; MM, '79)
  • Xan Waddell Jeffery (BM, '88; MM, '91)
  • John McDonagh (BM, '83)
  • Katherine Mohylsky (MA, '79)
  • Susan Schultz (MM, '89)