Private Lessons

The core of our program is private lessons with our talented and experienced faculty.  

CCM Preparatory teachers follow a curriculum developed by our faculty that includes musical and technical skills for each level, suggested repertoire and additional learning experiences. Most of our teachers use their own training, experience, knowledge and talent to teach students.

To register for lessons, visit CCM Prep's online registration website. Then choose your desired instrument/discipline for the private lessons. Additional instructions are provided for each instrument/discipline on the registration website.

CCM Prep's private lesson packages include 30 lessons for the entire school year. Students must know how long lessons will be (30, 45 or 60 minutes) and must register online before beginning their studies. CCM Prep offers private instuction in all of the subjects listed below:

  • Acting
  • Ballet
  • Bassoon
  • Cello
  • Cello - Suzuki
  • Clarinet
  • Flute
  • Guitar
  • Guitar- Jazz
  • Harp
  • Harpsichord
  • Musical Theatre Dance
  • Musical Theatre Voice
  • Oboe
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Piano - Jazz
  • Piano - Suzuki
  • Saxophone
  • Tap
  • Theory/Composition
  • Ukulele
  • Viola
  • Viola - Suzuki
  • Violin
  • Violin - Suzuki
  • Voice
Headshot of Carol H. Aufmann

Carol H. Aufmann

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Bassoon


Headshot of Rachel Bierkan

Rachel Bierkan



Headshot of Yuking Chou Brandenburgh

Yuking Chou Brandenburgh



Headshot of Richard James Canter

Richard James Canter



Headshot of Catharine   Carroll Lees

Catharine   Carroll Lees

Professor of Viola, Geraldine B. Gee Chair of Viola


Headshot of Jane Michelle Conda

Jane Michelle Conda

Professor of Piano; Coordinator of Secondary Piano and Piano Pedagogy; Division Head, Keyboard Studies; CCM Prep Master Teacher, Piano


Headshot of Jessica M Cox

Jessica M Cox



Headshot of Eva G. Floyd

Eva G. Floyd

Associate Professor of Music Education, Director of CCM Community Women's Choir


Headshot of Takako Hayase Frautschi

Takako Hayase Frautschi

Performing Arts Specialist (CCM Prep Master Teacher, Piano)


Headshot of Thomas P Gamboa

Thomas P Gamboa

Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of Wind Studies


Headshot of Diana C Gipson

Diana C Gipson

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Clarinet


Headshot of Betty Anne Gottlieb

Betty Anne Gottlieb

Associate Professor of Music Education (Strings), Director of New Horizons Orchestra


Headshot of Joyce Chan Grabell

Joyce Chan Grabell

Performing Arts Specialist (CCM Prep Master Teacher, Suzuki Violin and Viola)


Headshot of Jason Merrill Gunnell

Jason Merrill Gunnell

CCM Prep Organ Instructor

Headshot of Ellen R. Harrison

Ellen R. Harrison

Adjunct Associate Professor of Composition; CCM Prep Master Teacher, Theory and Composition


Headshot of Martin Charles Hebel

Martin Charles Hebel

CCM Prep Music Theory/Composition Instructor


Headshot of Paul R.  Hillner

Paul R. Hillner

Director of CCM Prep Brass Choir; CCM Prep Master Teacher, Trumpet


Headshot of Hannah Maria Hoffman

Hannah Maria Hoffman

CCM Prep Suzuki Cello Instructor


Headshot of Kevin Michael Holzman

Kevin Michael Holzman

Assistant Professor and Director of Wind Studies; Division Head, Ensembles and Conducting


Headshot of Trio J. Jeng

Trio J. Jeng

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Voice


Headshot of Dan Karlsberg

Dan Karlsberg

Adjunct Instructor; CCM Prep Master Teacher, Jazz Piano


Headshot of JiYong Kim

JiYong Kim

CCM Prep Suzuki Violin Instructor


Headshot of Boyun Li

Boyun Li

CCM Prep Starling Instructor

Headshot of Tze-Yean Lim

Tze-Yean Lim

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Violin


Headshot of Jessica L Madsen

Jessica L Madsen

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Piano


Headshot of James M Meade

James M Meade



Headshot of Andrew P. Millar

Andrew P. Millar

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Piano

Headshot of Brad Thomas Myers

Brad Thomas Myers

Adjunct Instructor


Headshot of Christopher James Nichter

Christopher James Nichter

Dir Bearcat Bands

Headshot of Ann M. Porter

Ann M. Porter

Professor of Music Education; Chair, Division of Music Education


Headshot of Alan B. Rafferty

Alan B. Rafferty

Assistant Professor- Educator of Violoncello


Headshot of Kurt Sassmannshaus

Kurt Sassmannshaus

Professor of Violin; the Dorothy Richard Starling Chair in Classical Violin


Headshot of William J. Seale

William J. Seale

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Voice


Headshot of Matthew K Shin

Matthew K Shin

CCM Prep Starling Orchestra Player

Headshot of Mary Henderson Stucky

Mary Henderson Stucky

Professor of Voice


Headshot of Rodney Stucky

Rodney Stucky

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Guitar


Headshot of Christina ChengLian Tan

Christina ChengLian Tan



Headshot of Mary Katherine Ventura

Mary Katherine Ventura



Headshot of Andrew C Villemez

Andrew C Villemez

Assistant Professor-Educator

Headshot of Christine Webb Woodbury

Christine Webb Woodbury



Headshot of Won-Bin Yim

Won-Bin Yim

Associate Professor of Violin; Chair, String Department


Interested students can learn more about CCM Prep's private lessons by submitting an inquiry online. Here you will create an account pm CCM Prep's registration website and answer a few questions related to private lessons. Then CCM Prep staff will help set up a trial lesson with an instructor. 

You can also follow these instructions to create a new account on CCM Prep's registration system, ASAP Connected:

  1.  Create a new account in our registration system, ASAP Connected. Click the "Login here" link and then the "Create New Account" button
  2. Once you have created an account, click on "Private Lessons" on the left side of the screen. Then click "Overview" and then the link that reads "Click Here to Inquire About Private Lessons."
  3. Once you have submitted the inquiry form, CCM Prep staff will help set up a trial lesson with an instructor.

All new students may contact the CCM Prep Office at 513-556-2595, or by e-mail at to learn about music programs at CCM Preparatory.

For current CCM Prep students who wish to continue their private lessons this school year, please contact your instructor first to confirm your continuing schedule. All private lessons for fall will continue to be offered remotely. For scheduling purposes, the first day of fall lessons will be August 22.

Students must be registered for lessons before they can begin their studies. For the 2020-21 school year, we will register private lessons students for fall and spring semester seperately.

Returning students should receive information about an invoice for fall 2020 for 15 lessons and will need to login to the registration system, click to sign the waiver and confirm their lessons. Any necessary changes can be submitted through the registration system (changing the number of lessons, the length of the lessons) or by emailing CCM Prep. Fall invoicing will be initiated in August and Spring invoicing will occur later in the fall semester (November or December).