Composition, Musicology and Theory

Composition professor reviews sheet music on a piano with her student

CCM's Division of Composition, Musicology and Theory offers student composers, music researchers and theorists opportunities to create original works, understand the complicated contexts of music's long history and develop analytical procedures.

The division places great emphasis on merging the theoretical with the practical in biennial graduate student conferences, an in-house and student-run journal, residencies by leading composers and a robust lecture series featuring distinguished speakers. It serves as a resource for all music students, enriching the already active musical atmosphere of the college.

Coursework for the MM and PhD degrees in musicology and theory is comprehensive and rigourous. It includes seminars, special topics courses, colloquia and professional development. These degrees offer a unique opportunity to pursue an academic discipline in a performance-oriented school.

The BM, MM and DMA degrees in composition include one-on-one composition lessons and ample opportunities to work with CCM ensembles and community organizations for hearings and performances. The division is also closely tied to UC's Albino Gorno Memorial Library/CCM Library, which boasts nearly 200,000 volumes of books and journals, scores, audio and video recordings and microforms. 

Headshot of Michael D. Fiday

Michael D. Fiday

Professor of Composition


Headshot of Ellen R. Harrison

Ellen R. Harrison

Adjunct Associate Professor of Composition; CCM Prep Master Teacher, Theory and Composition


Headshot of Mara M. Helmuth

Mara M. Helmuth

Professor of Composition


Headshot of Douglas Knehans

Douglas Knehans

Norman Dinerstein Professor of Composition Scholar


Headshot of Miguel A. Roig-Francoli

Miguel A. Roig-Francoli

Distinguished Teaching Professor of Music Theory and Composition


Headshot of James N Bennett

James N Bennett

Headshot of David Carson Berry

David Carson Berry

Professor of Music Theory


Headshot of Steven Joel Cahn

Steven Joel Cahn

Professor of Music Theory


Headshot of Soo Kyung Chung

Soo Kyung Chung

Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory

Headshot of C. Catherine Losada

C. Catherine Losada

Professor of Music Theory


Headshot of Samuel Y. Ng

Samuel Y. Ng

Associate Professor of Music Theory


Headshot of Miguel A. Roig-Francoli

Miguel A. Roig-Francoli

Distinguished Teaching Professor of Music Theory and Composition


Headshot of Christopher M Segall

Christopher M Segall

Associate Professor of Music Theory


Headshot of Daniel L. Batchelder

Daniel L. Batchelder

Visiting Assistant Professor of Musicology

Headshot of Shelina Louise Brown

Shelina Louise Brown

Assistant Professor of American Music


Headshot of Jenny _ Doctor

Jenny _ Doctor

Head of the CCM Library, Associate Professor of Musicology


Headshot of Stefan P Fiol

Stefan P Fiol



Headshot of Megan Steigerwald Ille

Megan Steigerwald Ille

Assistant Professor-Educator of Musicology


Headshot of Jeongwon Joe

Jeongwon Joe

Associate Professor of Musicology


Headshot of Jonathan Kregor

Jonathan Kregor

Professor of Musicology; Division Head, Composition, Musicology, and Theory


Headshot of Scott V. Linford

Scott V. Linford

Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology


Headshot of Stephen Conrad Meyer

Stephen Conrad Meyer

Professor of Musicology


Headshot of Matthew G. Peattie

Matthew G. Peattie

Associate Professor of Musicology


Headshot of Stephanie P. Schlagel

Stephanie P. Schlagel

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of Graduate Studies; Associate Professor of Musicology


Headshot of Jewel A. Smith

Jewel A. Smith

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Musicology


Headshot of Kristy   Swift

Kristy   Swift

Assistant Professor of Musicology – Educator


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