General Studies

Female students discuss a piece of sheet music in a CCM Compostion classroom

CCM's Division of General Studies provides students with flexible pathways for the study of music as a cultural and artstic practice through either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or an Academic Minor program.

General Studies also offers a wide variety of Fine Arts Elective courses, which are open to all UC students. Current courses are listed in CCM's Arts for All offerings.

Academic Programs

Headshot of Ricardo J. Allen

Ricardo J. Allen

Instructor - Adjunct


Headshot of Steve L Beirens

Steve L Beirens

Adjunct Instructor in General Studies (Dance)


Headshot of John T. Bell

John T. Bell

Adjunct Instructor of Ballet, CCM Prep Ballet Instructor


Headshot of Shelina Louise Brown

Shelina Louise Brown

Assistant Professor of American Music


Headshot of Joshua Chal

Joshua Chal

Senior Academic Advisor


Headshot of Laura Lucia Duque Molano

Laura Lucia Duque Molano

Instructor - Adj


Headshot of James J Feist

James J Feist

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Headshot of Stephen Gerard Ferre

Stephen Gerard Ferre

Assistant Professor/Educator, Composition, General Music


Headshot of Stefan P Fiol

Stefan P Fiol



Headshot of Sarah J Fischbeck (Summerwell)

Sarah J Fischbeck (Summerwell)

Instructor - Adjunct


Headshot of Jeri Deckard Gatch

Jeri Deckard Gatch

Instructor - Adjunct


Headshot of Ellen R. Harrison

Ellen R. Harrison

Adjunct Associate Professor of Composition; CCM Prep Master Teacher, Theory and Composition


Headshot of Owen David Hopper

Owen David Hopper

Instructor - Adj


Headshot of Richard Hordinski

Richard Hordinski

Adjunct Professor in General Studies (Commercial Music)


Headshot of Jonnie Lynn L. Jacobs-Percer

Jonnie Lynn L. Jacobs-Percer

Adjunct Instructor of Ballet, CCM Prep Ballet Director


Headshot of Julius Edward Jenkins

Julius Edward Jenkins

Instructor - Adjunct


Headshot of Roger Klug

Roger Klug

Associate Professor; Educator in General Studies (Music)


Headshot of Anne Ruth BARR McAllister

Anne Ruth BARR McAllister

Instructor - Adj


Headshot of Matthew Rush McAllister

Matthew Rush McAllister

Instructor - Adjunct


Headshot of David B McDonnell

David B McDonnell

Adjunct Instructor in General Studies (Music)


Headshot of Kim C. Pensyl

Kim C. Pensyl

Director of Commercial Music Production; Professor of Commercial Music Production and Jazz Studies; Division Head, General Studies


Headshot of Holly B Pratt

Holly B Pratt

Associate Professor of Music - Educator; Director of Music Minor Program


Headshot of Jacob E. Richter

Jacob E. Richter

Instructor - Adjunct


Headshot of Karen E Shiota

Karen E Shiota

Adjunct Instructor of General Studies (Music)


Headshot of Kazuaki Shiota

Kazuaki Shiota

Adjunct Instructor in General Studies (Music)


CCM's undergradaute admissions process begins on August 1 for entrance in the following year's fall semester. All application materials must be submitted on or before December 1 to be considered for specific scholarship awards. Visit the CCM Admissions website for additional application instructions.

Music - BA


Applicants must submit the required pre-screening materials via on or before March 1 (first-year applicants) or July 1 (transfer and current UC students) in order to be considered for admissions and invited for an audition.

Pre-screening Requirements
  • 300-word essay describing how what the BA in Music offers would further your musical interests and future career goals.
  • 500 word writing sample on any topic
  • One letter recommendation
  • Evidence of your creative process, which may include an audio or video recording of a performance, a score or musical composition, or an essay on a musical subject
Additional Information

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree at CCM is a liberal arts degree that provides students with flexible pathways for the study of music as a cultural and artistic practice. Ample electives allow for a breadth of approaches to music studies, and more than half of the coursework allows students to explore courses outside of music, with possibilities for double-majors, minors, certificate programs and pre-med or pre-law coursework. Because of the liberal arts focus of this degree, students primarily interested in studying performance should apply to a bachelor of music degree in their chosen performance area instead. Private lessons in a performance area are encouraged within this program; however, if an applicant wants to study at the secondary or concentration level, the applicant will need to be admitted by faculty in the applied performance area in addition to the BA-Music program.

The BA in Music culminates in a liberal arts degree, which can be a gateway to careers in music and allied fields, including music promotions, arts administration, music therapy, journalism, enthnomusicology, musicology, music theory, composition, songwriting, commercial music production and library science.

Because of the liberal arts focus of the bachelor of arts degree, students primarily interested in performance should apply to a bachelor of music (BM) degree in their instrument.

The BA Music curriculum is flexible, and students design their coursework to emphasize particular skill areas or to complete a broader course of study that samples from all areas. Ample electives allow for the possibility to complete double-majors, minors, certificate programs (including pre-law or pre-med coursework) and to participate in study abroad opportunities. These experiences culminate in an individual capstone research project with a CCM faculty member.

The Music Minor at CCM provides students with a broad general education in Music. The minor offers non-music majors exposure to music through courses in musicology and ethnomusicology, music theory, music composition, music technology, jazz history and studies, commercial music production, and performance studies. Students already pursuing a degree in any college at UC can add the minor to their program. The minor is intended for students who want to develop a specialty in music that will complement other areas of study.

Application Process

All applicants must be current UC students. CCM accepts 10-15 minor applicants each year. Students interested in applying for the Music Minor should submit a complete copy of their most recent Degree Audit and a 500-word essay explaining their educational and career goals and why they wish to minor in Music. Submissions for the Music Minor should be emailed to division head Professor Kimothy Pensyl and copied to Darlene Miller, executive assistant. Questions should be directed to Darlene Miller via email or at 513-556-6046. All applications are due by Nov. 1.

In applying for the minor, students affirm their understanding that:

  • admission to advanced classes intended for music majors may be restricted;
  • certain classes may require students to supply a laptop and software applications; and
  • certain ensmbles/applied study may require the student to provide their own instrument.

Curriculum Overview

Students must complete 20 credit hours for the Music Minor. The curriculum is adaptable so that students may design their coursework to emphasize a particular skill area or to complete a broader course of study that samples from multiple areas. In addition to a Music Core of 11 credits, students in the Music minor program can choose 9 credit hours of music electives in any of the following six categories: compositional techniques, ethnographic approaches, sound technologies, cultural history, analytical techniques, and applied music-making (ensembles, choirs, labs, as appropriate). Students must take at least one 3-credit hour course at the 3000- level or above.

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