Ballerina leaps in a ballroom full of elaborately dressed spectators in a production of Swan Lake

CCM Dance focuses on ballet and contemporary styles for the dancer seeking top-level training and rigorous artistic, academic and studio curriculum.

The Dance Department at CCM is a professionally oriented dance program offering a bachelor of fine arts (BFA) degree with an emphasis in ballet training. Through a rigorous academic and studio curriculum dancers receive advanced training while cultivating their artistry and stimulating creativity. The BFA candidates graduate with a thorough knowledge of the dance world and how to function in it, going on to perform and teach in professional dance companies and dance education organizations.

(CCM is one of the) top programs to consider.

Dance Magazine

Key Program Elements

  • Dance and audition with professional companies while earning your BFA
  • Highly-recognized faculty, guest choreographers and artists-in-residence
  • One of the few programs in the country to require a year of somatic studies (Alexander Technique, Pilates, Yoga)
  • Seasonal and internship opportunities with professional dance companies while enrolled as a full-time student
  • Onsite physical therapists and athletic trainers
  • Three large dance studios with observation booth, therapy and dressing rooms
CCM Dance's combination of academics and professional training — including excellent live accompaniment for dance classes — is so exceptional that Dance Magazine cited it as one of just a few programs in the country that 'offer the specialization and experience you’d receive as a company trainee.'

Janet Light Dance writer and critic

The CCM Dance Department boasts a distinguished, dynamic faculty, state of the art facilities, multiple performance opportunities, and a diversity of new and challenging experiences for its students. A team of dedicated full-time faculty: Shauna Steele (department chair), Jiang Qi, Deirdre Carberry and Michael Tevlin; along with dedicated adjunct faculty members, frequent guest artists, company directors and professionals from the field are committed to nurturing highly technical, passionate and artistic dancers.

Online applications are due December 1 for fall admission in the BFA program.

Ballerinas perform on the Corbett Auditorium stage in a production of Giselle

Performance Opportunities

CCM Dance students have numerous opportunities to perform throughout the year in full-length ballets, one-act ballets or in new works by faculty, students and guest artists. 

CCM's production season is integrated with our curriculum, so all students have the opportunity to perform regularly.

Ticketed Performances

Visit our CCMONSTAGE e-box office for more information on the ticketed performances that CCM Dance will present this year.

Professional Performance Opportunities

Qualified students may have the opportunity to perform with professional regional dance companies including Cincinnati Ballet, Dayton Ballet, Louisville Ballet and BalletMet while enrolled in CCM's BFA program.


Headshot of John T. Bell

John T. Bell

Adjunct Instructor of Ballet, CCM Prep Ballet Instructor


Headshot of Deirdre Carberry

Deirdre Carberry

Associate Professor of Dance


Headshot of Brian Cashwell

Brian Cashwell

Adjunct Instructor of Dance and Jazz; Dance Accompanist


Headshot of Isabele Melo Elefson

Isabele Melo Elefson

Adjunct Instructor of Dance, CCM Prep Ballet Instructor

Headshot of Jeri Deckard Gatch

Jeri Deckard Gatch

Instructor - Adjunct


Headshot of Jonnie Lynn L. Jacobs-Percer

Jonnie Lynn L. Jacobs-Percer

Adjunct Instructor of Ballet, CCM Prep Ballet Director


Headshot of Julius Jenkins

Julius Jenkins

Adjunct Instructor of Dance and General Studies


Headshot of Qi Jiang

Qi Jiang

Professor of Dance


Headshot of Gema Diaz Lommer

Gema Diaz Lommer

Adjunct Instructor of Dance


Headshot of Ihaiah Miller

Ihaiah Miller

Adjunct Instructor of General Studies


Headshot of Shane Ohmer

Shane Ohmer

Adjunct Instructor of Dance


Headshot of Molly Schneider Perez

Molly Schneider Perez

Adjunct Instructor of Dance


Headshot of Shauna L. Steele

Shauna L. Steele

Chair and Associate Professor of Dance


Headshot of Tricia Ann Sundbeck

Tricia Ann Sundbeck

CCM Preparatory Ballet Director Adjunct Professor CCM


Headshot of Michael J. Tevlin

Michael J. Tevlin

Associate Professor of Dance


Theatre Arts, Production and Arts Administration Division Head and Staff

Headshot of Rebecca Bromels

Rebecca Bromels

Division Head of Theatre Arts, Production and Arts Administration (TAPAA); Chair and Associate Professor of Arts Administration


Headshot of Jen Lampson

Jen Lampson

TAPAA Production Manager


Headshot of Deborah Neiheisel-DeZarn

Deborah Neiheisel-DeZarn

TAPAA Program Manager


Headshot of Angelika Bonyhati-Kovacs

Angelika Bonyhati-Kovacs



Headshot of Brian Cashwell

Brian Cashwell

Adjunct Instructor of Dance and Jazz; Dance Accompanist


Headshot of Douglas V Sutton

Douglas V Sutton



CCM's undergraduate admissions process begins on August 1 for entrance in the following year's fall semester. All application materials must be submitted on or before December 1 to be considered for specific scholarship awards. Visit the CCM Admissions website for additional application instructions.

Ballet - BFA


Applicants must submit the required pre-screening materials via on or before December 3 in order to be considered for admissions and invited for an audition.

Pre-screening Requirements
  • A full-length photo. Female Identifying: en pointe, black leotard, pink or skin-tone tights – first position arabesque. Male Identifying: White fitted dance shirt/tank with footed black mens tights – attitude derriere en relevé. Non-Binary Identifying: Unitard or attire and footwear listed above for which you want to be primarily but not solely considered for roles.
  • Video #1 should include:
    •  Clearly state your name, which classical variation, act and ballet, and the studio/academy/training program currently attending.
    • Why do you need to dance
    • Some of your long and/or short term goals you feel can only be accomplished at UC/CCM.
    • ‘Wildcard’ A bit of information unique to you, dance related or not, that you feel comfortable sharing.
    • A solo variation from the standard, classical repertoire . Variations may be performed in practice clothes or costume either in the studio or on stage. Performance videos are acceptable but should clearly show the applicant only and be a clear, moderately close video. The video should not be at a distance, fuzzy, or grainy.
      • Female Identifying: En pointe,
      • Male Identifying: Attire listed above with either black or white ballet slippers.
      • Non-Binary Identifying: wishing to be considered for all or specific gender casting roles (traditionally male/female roles) must submit a traditional male and female variation. Gender-based variation choice(s) does not adversely affect admission consideration.
  • Video #2 should include:
    • Ballet technique video recorded facing your side or from shallow diagonal.
    • All combinations on side 1 or 2, not both.
      • At Barre:
        • Short plié w/tondu combination
        • Short développé w/fondu combination
        • Short frappe combination
      • At Center:
        • Adagio (female identifying in pointe shoes)
        • Petite Allegro (female identifying in pointe shoes)
  • Contemporary/Modern Technique
    • Submit 1 modern/contemporary class technique exercise
      • No longer than 32 counts (4 sets of 8)
      • Do once on both sides
      • Combination should contain: contraction & release, Spiral to the ground/recover to standing, turn(s) traveling or stationary
    • Submit 1 modern/contemporary solo
      • 45 seconds to 1 minute that highlights the dancer's technique and artistry
      • No gymnastics, or drops to the ground
      • Solo can be planned, improvised (improv), self-choreographed, or by a professional. We are looking at how the dancer moves, not the choreography itself


Audition Requirements
  • All dancers wear convertible tights or be prepared to change attire.
  • Female Identifying: Black or solid colored leotard, pink/skin tone convertible tights worn under the leotard and over the feet. Pink/skin tone ballet slippers. A short thigh-length wrap or pull-on skirt may be worn if desired. *May change into black leggings or pull on over tights for modern/contemporary section if desired. **May put on fitted solid colored t-shirt or tank if desired.
  • Non-Binary Identifying: Black or solid colored unitard. Pink/skin tone, black or white, ballet slippers. *May change into black leggings, fitted solid colored t-shirt or fitted tank for modern/contemporary section if desired.
  • Male Identifying: Mens black convertible tights with dance belt, White or Black fitted dance t-shirt, Black, white, or skin tone ballet slippers. *May change into black leggings, fitted solid colored t-shirt or fitted tank for modern/contemporary section if desired.
Audition Preparation

The audition will consist of a traditional classical ballet barre and center followed by several combinations of pointe work (for women only). Dancers will then take the modern dance component, which consists of two-three movement sequences demonstrating the ability to perform floor work and various rhythmic and spatially-oriented structures.

Each applicant must submit a video/DVD of himself or herself performing a solo variation from the standard classical repertoire to The applicants must also upload a photo with the applicant dressed in regular classroom attire posed in Arabesque en'lair (women on pointe). The video should include a short introduction of the dancer stating his or her name, name of the variation and name of the studio where the dancer trains. Only the introduction and selected variation should be on the video/DVD.

An audition by DVD should be no more than 10 minutes and should reflect the dancer's strengths. Applicants should show an example of their typical level of training including: exercises at the barre, center work, jumps, and point work (women, all center work en pointe). The DVD must reflect the dancer's current training, made within three months of the application submission. This should also be submitted to

The student must include: pliés, tendues, dégagés (from fifth position, both straight and with pliè) ronde de jambe, a terre and en l’air, passé developpe en croix, frappes, grand battements and balances on one leg. The exercises can be short, but with enough repetition that the dancer can be seen clearly.

Please show all ballet combinations on one side only. Center work to include: adage, pirouettes en dehors and en dedans, petit allegro and grand allegro. Women finish with fouettes and men finish with turns in à la second. A classical variation (on pointe for women) one to two minutes in length.

Variations may be performed in practice clothes or costume either in the studio or on stage. Performance tapes are acceptable but should show only the applying dancer.

Female dancers should bring ballet slippers, pointe shoes and have footed tights that can be rolled up to ankle or calf-length for the modern component of the audition. Traditional attire (black leotard and pink tights) is recommended.

Male dancers should bring socks and ballet slippers as well as tights that can be rolled up to accommodate the modern dance component of the audition. Traditional attire (black tights and white T-shirt) is also recommended.

Off-site audition formats may vary slightly. Applicants must submit a full length photo with the applicant dressed in regular ballet classroom attire, posed in arabesque enl'air (women en pointe).

There are two ways to receive scholarship aid to study in CCM Dance at the University of Cincinnati. The first is through an academic scholarship called the Cincinnatus Scholarship. For details, please visit the Cincinnatus Scholarship Program website to learn more.

Every applicant is automatically considered for the CCM Talent Scholarship, which is awarded based on the audition and interview. No further applications or actions by applicants are required, other than applying and auditioning, to be considered for our modest talent scholarships.

News and Events


CCM Dance Series presents "Little Mermaid" April 12-14

April 4, 2024

UC College-Conservatory Music presents "Little Mermaid" on April 12-14, 2024 in Corbett Auditorium. Directed by Shauna Steele, the performance features music by David Arkenstone. Tickets on sale now through the CCM Box Office.


New CCM apparel available for purchase online

February 14, 2024

Show your school spirit this spring with official CCM apparel! New UC College-Conservatory of Music apparel is available for purchase online. CCM's Spring 2024 t-shirt and hoodie designs can be ordered online now through March 18, 2024.


In the News: CCM performs at New York's Carnegie Hall

January 16, 2024

UC College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) students and Broadway alumni took the stage at Carnegie Hall to present a one-night-only performance and fundraiser to help support the next generation of performing and media artists. The January 14 event honored CCM alumnus Stephen Flaherty while also raising money for CCM scholarships and educational initiatives.

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