Two high school aged cello students perform on the Corbett Auditorium stage

A variety of experiences for students of all ages and abilities in instrumental music, voice and music theory are available at CCM Prep including private lessons, ensembles and group classes.

Private Music Lessons

To register for lessons, visit CCM Prep's online registration website. Then choose your desired instrument/discipline for the private lessons. Additional instructions are provided for each instrument/discipline on the registration website.


Performing is an essential element of music education. CCM Prep students are strongly encouraged to participate in ensembles led by CCM Prep and collegiate faculty. Additional information is available in the links below and on CCM Prep's registration website.

Suzuki Music Lessons

The Suzuki Method, developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, is based on the evidence that talent is a product of environment rather than heredity. The learning process is broken down into small steps so that the child achieves accomplishment at every level and learns at their own pace. Parents are critical to the learning process with this method and attend every lesson.

The CCM Preparatory Suzuki program offers classes in this acclaimed musical learning system in piano and strings (violin, viola and cello) for children ages 4 and older. Classes are taught by faculty trained in the Suzuki Method.

Music Theory Classes

CCM Prep offers individual music theory classes for youths and adults as well as classes for ensemble musicians. Placement is determined by a theory test. 

Pop Piano Group Class

CCM Prep offers the opportunity to study popular music on the piano. This course is designed for students ages 11 to adult who are interested in learning to play popular music on the piano. During the course, students will gain the skills to realize chord charts and learn basic piano accompaniment styles. Note reading is not a primary focus of this course; however, students will learn to read rhythm. The course curriculum features popular songs from artists like The Beatles, BTS, Billy Joel, Adele, Coldplay, Lewis Capaldi, as well as the movie soundtracks from Korean Dramas.

Headshot of Yuking Chou Brandenburgh

Yuking Chou Brandenburgh



Headshot of James Bunte

James Bunte

Interim Co-Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Professor of Saxophone


Headshot of Richard James Canter

Richard James Canter



Headshot of Rebecca Childs

Rebecca Childs

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Voice and Musical Theatre


Headshot of Marie Elizabeth Conti

Marie Elizabeth Conti

Student Worker

Headshot of Jessica M Cox

Jessica M Cox



Headshot of Takako Hayase Frautschi

Takako Hayase Frautschi

Performing Arts Specialist (CCM Prep Master Teacher, Piano)


Headshot of Diana C Gipson

Diana C Gipson

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Clarinet


Headshot of BettyAnne Gottlieb

BettyAnne Gottlieb

Interim Division Head and Associate Professor Educator of Music Education (Strings), Director of New Horizons Orchestra


Headshot of Joyce Chan Grabell

Joyce Chan Grabell

Performing Arts Specialist (CCM Prep Master Teacher, Suzuki Violin and Viola)


Headshot of Hannah Maria Hoffman

Hannah Maria Hoffman

CCM Prep Suzuki Cello Instructor


Headshot of Kevin Michael Holzman

Kevin Michael Holzman

Division Head of Ensembles and Conducting; Director and Associate Professor of Wind Studies


Headshot of Andrii   Isakov

Andrii Isakov

Student Worker

Headshot of Trio J. Jeng

Trio J. Jeng

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Voice


Headshot of Dan Karlsberg

Dan Karlsberg

Adjunct Instructor; CCM Prep Master Teacher, Jazz Piano


Headshot of Michael C Kralik

Michael C Kralik

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of JaeEun   Lee

JaeEun Lee

Lecturer CCM Prep Suzuki Violin Instructor


Headshot of Boyun Li

Boyun Li

Adjunct Instructor of Violin Performance; CCM Prep Starling Instructor


Headshot of Yan Kit   Li

Yan Kit Li

Student Worker

Headshot of Peter Michael Loferski

Peter Michael Loferski

Work Study Student

Headshot of Anna Catherine Macintosh

Anna Catherine Macintosh

Work Study Student

Headshot of Jessica L Madsen

Jessica L Madsen

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Piano


Headshot of Dominic Nicholas Mileti

Dominic Nicholas Mileti



Headshot of Brad Thomas Myers

Brad Thomas Myers

Adjunct Instructor


Headshot of Le Binh Anh Nguyen

Le Binh Anh Nguyen

CCM Prep Faculty

Headshot of Christian Joseph Paradiso

Christian Joseph Paradiso



Headshot of MaryAnn Salonoy Powers

MaryAnn Salonoy Powers

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Voice


Headshot of Alan B. Rafferty

Alan B. Rafferty

Associate Professor- Educator of Violoncello


Headshot of Franklin Giovanni Sandoval

Franklin Giovanni Sandoval

Student Worker

Headshot of Kurt Sassmannshaus

Kurt Sassmannshaus

Professor of Violin; the Dorothy Richard Starling Chair in Classical Violin


Headshot of J. William Seale

J. William Seale

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Voice


Headshot of Mary Henderson Stucky

Mary Henderson Stucky

Professor Emerita of Voice


Headshot of Rodney Stucky

Rodney Stucky

CCM Prep Master Teacher, Guitar


Headshot of Christina ChengLian Tan

Christina ChengLian Tan



Headshot of Rachele Cecelia Torres

Rachele Cecelia Torres



Headshot of Joshua Ryan Tuttle

Joshua Ryan Tuttle

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Andrew C Villemez

Andrew C Villemez

Assistant Professor-Educator

Headshot of Ben A Wilcox

Ben A Wilcox

Graduate Assistant

Headshot of Christine Webb Woodbury

Christine Webb Woodbury



Headshot of Rachel Zieber

Rachel Zieber



Headshot of Amani   Zouehid

Amani Zouehid

Graduate Assistant