CCM Media Production Capstone Films

Enjoy short films created by CCM's emerging Media Pros!

Produced in the CCM Division of Media Production's Capstone Film Class and Production Master Class, these award-winning student-created narrative and documentary films also feature on-screen performances by CCM students and faculty members.

The Fifth Mode

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The Fifth Mode is a 30-minute documentary about a group of UC Engineering students who challenge themselves and concepts of transportation to make it to the final round of Elon Musk’s SpaceEx Competition in Los Angeles.

The documentary aired three times on Cincinnati’s PBS television station CET and the Dayton, OH PBS station ThinkTV. It has been accepted in multiple film festivals, and was nominated for Best Documentary in the Over-The-Rhine International Film Festival.

This documentary is directed by CCM alumnus Brian J. Leitten and executive produced by Laura Walters, Kevin Burke and Brian J. Leitten. Story Producer: Rebecca Whelen. Field Producer: Dani Kokochak. Associate Producers: Nate Carpenter, La’Nice Davis, Kelsey Keiser, Ben Vanden Eynden and Max Vanden Eynden. Lead Editor: Matthew Harris. Editor: Jesse Circelli. Assistant Editors: David Carrero, Tanner Segbers, Tom Stocker and Max Vanden Eynden. Hyperloop Videographer: Mitch Webb. Camera/Audio: David Carrero, Jesse Circelli, La’Nice Davis, Jason Gerz, Matt Harris, Nile Ross, Ben Vanden Eynden, Max Vanden Eynden, Laura Walters and Rebecca Whelen.

Integration: The Update

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Integration: The Update tells the story of an unsuspecting programmer who builds a highly anticipated update with unforeseeable consequences under the command of his ethically questionable CEO. This video contains strong language, mature situations and science fiction violence. Viewer discretion is advised.

Integration: The Update won the 2018 Student Production Emmy Award for the Narrative Category and was selected for multiple film festival. It was a finalist in the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards, a Semi-Finalist in the Los Angeles Film Awards and an award winner in the Top Shorts Online Film Festival.

The film is written and directed by Matthew Harris. Austin Baker: Director of Photography. Visual Effects by Javert Valbarr. Starring Isaac Hickox-Young, Sarah Durham, Landon Hawkins and Briley Oakley. Sound Engineer: Connor Smith. Lighting Engineer: Caleb Smiley. Lead Editor: Matthew Harris. Editors: Jared Bailey and Austin Baker. Intro theme by Nile Ross-Watson. Original score by Jared Bailey. Executive Producer: Kevin Burke.

Standard Definition

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Standard Definition follows two down-on-their-luck film students who discover a magical camera that makes everything beautiful but is wanted by nefarious forces who will do anything to reclaim it. This video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Standard Definition won the Student Production Emmy Award for the Narrative Category, the Award of Excellence in the Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts and was an official selection in the Cleveland International Film Festival.

The film is written and directed by Tim Young, with Elliot Feltner as Director of Photography. Starring Chris Collins Pisano and Ben Biggers, and featuring Raven Thomas. Edited by Tim Young and Elliot Feltner. Audio Engineers: Fritz Pape and Katie Laird. Script Supervisor: Yiyang Xu. Original music by Tim Young and Fritz Pape. Additional music by Neil Beckmann and Tyler Eschendal. Sound Mix by Tim Young. Additional cast: Jordan BryantAdam Zeph and Brendon Vando.

Last Night in Town

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Last Night in Town tells the story of a “found” footage filmmaker, who discovers seven reels of film that change his life and the lives of those around him. This video contains strong language and horror movie elements that some viewers may find disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Last Night in Town won the Student Production Emmy Award in the Editing Category, the Award of Excellence in the Broadcast Education Association Festival of Media Arts, and First Place in the National Broadcasting Society Student Production Competition.

The film is written and directed by Blake Hawk. Written and produced by Amira Mabjish. Edited by Nicholas Lipari. Starring Ty OlwinBob PavlovichClare ZimmermanNicholas RueMariel Tompkins, and Cliff Nunley. Sound design and mixing by Blake Hawk. Original music and score by Amira Mabjish. Musical accompaniment and arrangement by Blake Hawk. Lighting and visual effects by Nicholas Lipari. Hair and make-up by Alex Dodenhoff. Field audio and Foley by Ethan Zimmerman. Wardrobe by Casablanca Vintage.

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