Talent for Hire

Welcome to Talent for Hire, CCM's premiere performer and artist referral service. Performing artists from A-Z are at your service!

CCM's talented students and alumni will bring world-class artistry to your special event. Why hire live musicians and artists? Live entertainment can make your special event more classy, energetic, poignant and memorable!

You can use this website to learn more about our services and submit information about your talent needs.

Our Five Most Frequent Talent Requests

  1. String Quartet (or duo, or trio) for any event.
  2. Jazz Trio to play standards at a reception.
  3. Vocalist to sing "Ave Maria" at a wedding.
  4. Guitarist or Harpist to provide ambiance during a cocktail hour.
  5. Quick-Study Vocalist/Violinist/etc. to perform poignant selections at a funeral.

Our Five Most Unique Talent Requests

  1. An artist to help coordinate a flash mob for a wedding reception.
  2. Buskers (street artists playing for tips) to perform at high-profile events.
  3. An actress to improv as a wise-cracking nurse as a gag gift to a boss for his "over-the-hill" office birthday party.
  4. Musicians to perform and engage kids at a school arts fair.
  5. A favorite storybook princess to make a guest appearance at a child's birthday party

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