Graduate Application Instructions

CCM's graduate admissions process begins August 1 for entrance into the following year's fall semester. Applicants are encouraged to submit their graduate application by December 1st and  pre-screening materials submitted by December 3rd for most programs.

Application Procedures

Graduate applicants must apply online through the UC Graduate Admissions website. The graduate application includes a non-refundable fee of $65 for domestic and $70 for international applicants. 

24-48 hours after applying to the university, applicants will receive an email with your Application ID#. Applicants will use this number to gain access to the CCM Acceptd website where you must upload the required pre-screening materials for your specific degree program. 

Please note: a non-refundable fee of $60 will be charged to apply to CCM Acceptd will charge $35 (total: $95) for majors that require media uploads while programs that require document uploads will be charge $20 (total: $80).

Within the graduate application, a 500-word personal statement is required. It should include your degree objectives, frank observations of your professional and personal strengths and weaknesses, any significant professional experiences or honors you were awarded, as well as any other information you feel the faculty and admissions committee should know.

Please upload unofficial transcripts from each institution you’ve attended to your online application. Please note, official transcripts are NOT required during the application process.

One letter of recommendation is required for all MM performance, DMA and AD performance applicants. However, other degree programs may require 2-3 letters.

Applicants have the ability to notify recommenders and remind them to send their recommendations though their Application Status Portal.

Refer to the pre-screening requirements for each individual degree program. All content must be uploaded to CCM's Acceptd website.

All current CCM graduate students applying for a new graduate degree MUST submit their programs required pre-screening materials to be considered for admissions. This requirement CANNOT be waived or substituted.

While pre-screening submission is required for all applicants, not all applicants will be invited to audition or interview. In some cases, applicants will receive a final admission decision based solely off their pre-screen submission. In other cases, faculty will request an additional audition or interview.

Applicants who are invited to interview/audition will be notified via email after the faculty have reviewed all submitted materials.

Review the audition/interview requirements for your desired program.  

Assistantships (9-month stipend) are available in all majors except Composition, Harpsichord and Euphonium. However, these majors may apply for Jazz Studies or Music Theory assistantships. Consideration for a majority of these assistantships is based solely on the applicant’s audition/interview.

Other programs that require additional materials/pre-screenings for consideration are listed below:

  • Musical Theatre Accompanying Assistantship
  • Studio Accompanying Assistantship
  • Jazz Studies – open to majors outside of program with pre-approval
  • Music Education
  • Musicology
  • Secondary Piano
  • Theory – open to all majors
  • Graduate Voice
  • Opera Pianist Accompanying Assistantship
  • Most CCM administrative offices offer assistantships. Please contact the office you wish to work in directly for more information

All graduate applicants with a GPA of 3.0 or higher will be considered for talent and merit-based awards. Please note, assistantships and scholarships are based on your audition performance and excellence as well as your GPA, not financial need.

All assistantship decisions will be made by April 1. Please refer to the program-specific pre-screening, audition and interview requirements of your designed assistantship program.

Certain programs host competitions and fellowships open to applicants:

Start Your Application

The Graduate Application must be successfully completed and submitted along with all required materials including pre-screening materials before an audition request or admissions decision is released.

Questions? Please call the CCM Admissions office at 513-556-9479 or email us.