Membership Benefits

CCMpower is comprised of fellow friends and alumni dedicated to fueling the future of the arts. Together, we set the stage for more.

  • More scholarships
  • More support
  • More mentorship
  • More creativity
  • More opportunities

Member Benefits Per Donation

All benefits are cumulative for the academic calendar.

A decorative chart of CCMpower membership benefits with photos of performances and donor events; all details in the chart are also outlined in the bulleted text below.

CCMpower membership benefits; all information from this chart is also detailed in the bulleted list below.

  • $75+ 
    • Advanced Ticket Purchase Ahead of Sale to the Public During CCMpower Days + 10% off CCM's general public/adult ticket prices
    • Fills Gaps in Student Needs for Housing, Supplies and Equipment
  • $150+
    • Ten Parking Passes
    • Invests in Student-created Original Works, Compositions, Projects and Performances
  • $250+  
    • Invitation for 2 to a Pre-show Reception
    • Allows Students to Travel for Professional Development, Internships and Auditions
  • $500+ 
    • Guaranteed Musical Theatre Senior Showcase Tickets for 2
    • Funds Master Classes for Students to Learn from Renowned Artists in Their Field
  • $1,000+ 
    • Back Stage Tour & Dress Rehearsal Invitation for 2
    • Provides Emergency Scholarships for Students with Financial Hardship
  • $2,500+ 
    • Invitation for 2 to Leadership Events
    • Creates Scholarships for Talented Students Hoping to Attend CCM